First of all, great theme.

I am wondering why you have defined a Navbar region in the .info file but never print it out in the page template file. In other words, on the block admin (/admin/build/block/list/fever) you can place blocks into Navigation Bar but they will never print anywhere.

From you have a navbar region defined.

regions[navbar]               = navigation bar

From page.tpl.php you have only a navbar div and print the Search region and the primary links but never a Navbar region.


My workaround was to delete the line from that defines the navbar region. This solved my problem.


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Okay so the formating didn't work. Let's try the generic code tag.

This is the section of page.tpl.php I was trying to point out.

<div id="navbar"><div id="navbar-inner" class="clearfix">
      <?php if ($search): ?>
        <div id="search">
          <?php print $search; ?>
        </div> <!-- /#search block -->
      <?php endif; ?>
	  <?php if ($primary_links): ?>	    
        <div id="primary-left" <?php if ($search): print 'class="withsearch"';
		  else: print 'class="withoutsearch"'; 
		  endif; ?>>
		  <div id="primary-right"><div id="primary">
          <?php print menu_tree($menu_name = 'primary-links'); ?>
      <?php endif; ?> <!-- /#primary -->