All formatting on nodes is fine until I open them to edit them. For some odd reason CKEditor clumps all the words together and creates a HUGE wall of text. All the paragraphs and line breaks are gone.

This happens when using FF 3.6 and the latest version of Chrome on Win7.

I've got the Jan 13th version of CKEditor.

Here's a link to my site where it happens:

That node right there has a ton of paragraphs in it, but when I click "Edit", all the paragraphs are gone.

#2 1.PNG37.11 KBRodney Strong
#2 2.PNG36.33 KBRodney Strong
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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Which input format do u use? Do u modify it after install?
Could u also write which security filters u have checked in profile settings of CKEditor (for input format that u use)?


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According to screenshot 1.png, I use "filtered HTML", which is what it defaults to.

I did not modify anything after this fresh install.

The security filters for the "Full" profile that are checked are:

Convert URLs into links

Convert line breaks into HTML (i.e.


Screenshot 2.png shows the security filters for the "Full" profile in CKEditor.

For the "Advanced" profile, only this one is checked:

Limit allowed HTML tags

The "Full" profile is enabled for Admins

The "Advanced" profile is enabled for anonymous users.

Thanks for the help

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Could u try to disable filter "Convert line breaks into HTML" and then try to edit node. If it doesn't help try to disable all security filters and check node edit again.
Probably one of Drupal filters remove to much tags...

Which version of Drupal do u use??

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Hmm this is weird.. Maybe you can make sense out of this.

I disabled all the security links for both profiles (Full and Advanced) and tried editing the node. Didn't work.

I then checked the radio button from "Always run security filters for CKEditor" to "Run security filters only when CKEditor is set to start automatically.", then cleared the cache, then tried editing the node, and it worked...

I then went back and re-enabled "Convert URLs into links" and "Convert line breaks into HTML (i.e.

)", cleared the cache, then tried editing the node, and it worked...

I never re-enabled the "Limit allowed HTML tags" filter on the "Advanced" profile though, but still this is odd to me.

Thanks for having me go through this exercise. Can you pinpoint what was causing the issue though?

Thanks also for solving this!

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I am having the same problem - all paragraph and header tags are stripped from the node content when I click the Edit tab for a saved node. Strangely, unordered list tags were not stripped out, but whatever. I tried what Rodney suggested above:

  1. under Admin -> Config -> CKEditor switched both Advanced and Full profiles Security Settings (under Security) from 'Always run security filters for CKEditor' to 'Run security filters only when CKEditor is set to start automatically'
  2. unselected all Security Filters
  3. cleared cache

I noticed after I did this my CKEditor expanded horizontally to fill the screen (which it wasn't doing before), but unfortunately tags were still being stripped when I clicked Edit. I went back to the Advanced and Full profiles to enable Convert URLs into links and Convert line breaks into HTML, and then tried Editing the node. Tags are no longer being stripped out. Happy to help with testing if you need more information on this bug.

BTW, I'm running Drupal 7.0, CKEeditor 7.x-1.1, no other modules installed.

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@kristin.brinner, Do u try to change input format from Filtered HTML to Full HTML?


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It's now working so I don't know if the full vs filtered HTML trick would have worked - I'm pretty sure I tried changing the input format before I went through Rodney's fix, but I'm not positive.

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I followed similar steps as outlined above and it seemed to fix the problem

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Version: 7.x-1.0 » 7.x-1.2

I have 7.x-1.2 installed on a fresh 7.2 install and the only way I can get it to work is by disabling "Limit allowed HTML tags" under the security section.. If this is enabled it bins the P tags when reading the content in to edit..

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I got the same problem if enabling "Limit allowed HTML tags" under the security section.

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This issue is related with this: #1188054: [D7] Limit seurity filters on each profile

Now we have only security filters on the list, all other filters should be selected in input format.
After update pls save again your profile configuration.

Pls report here does it work or not.


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I downloaded the dev version and tried it - still loses all formatting.

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Looks to me like its because of the "Limit allowed HTML tags" in advanced settings. Disable this everything works, enable it breaks.

[EDIT] Now its putting line breaks in the output instead of paragraph tags. Its a mess! Full HTML works, filtered HTML (with default install) doesn't.



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#13 worked for me

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#13 worked for me as well.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Needs review

I make some changes and commit them to GIT.

Now when u editing a node in the first run text in the textarea is processed by drupal with selected text format - so it's execute all filters defined in text format.
Security filters which u can choose in the CKEditor profile now are only additional filters which are executed only if choosen text format on start don't have this filter enabled.

If u can pls test last DEV and report that it works for u or not.


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Hello there

I discovered that you also must to enable Bandwidht Optimization on : configuration/performance (both options)

I hope this help somebody.

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I noticed that <p> wasn't in the default list of allowed tags set by the filter module. Adding it solved this issue for me.

Using: Drupal 7.4, CKEditor 7.x-1.2

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

No one report any bug to last patch so i mark it as fixed.


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I can confirm that is is from not adding the paragraph tag to your list of allowed html tags for Filtered HTML.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Title: Drops formatting when editing a node » Formatting is lost when editing a node
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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Exactly same happening here - saved node contains paragraphs but when editing it in Ckeditor, all p tags are gone. One site uses ckeditor 7.x-1.12 and it works OK. Another uses 7.x-1.16 and it is not working from time to time. Really weird issue.

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Still broken for me.
I've tried fixes listed here and elsewhere.