have you guys heard of cache_backport?

i wonder if any collaboration between the two projects can occur?
perhaps cacherouter could adapt itself to cache.inc from D7, by following the example of cache_backport.

perhaps too Auth Cache could follow the same route. pretty much instant compatibility with D7?


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I did this module the cache_backport module. My code is only a really simple backport of D7 core caching API. It's able to use as is the D7 backends (where sometime some minor modifications has to be made, but right now, it works) -except for the database implementation of course, I had to rewrite because of dbtng-.

It's basically the exact same feature that Cache Router, except I do not provide any UI (neither does core by the way), it configures exactly the same as D7 even in settings.php file, etc etc.

Cache Router, in some way, as no use in D7 except maybe its UI, but otherwise, D7 core does already provide the main feature of it (as I could see) but I might be wrong.

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The only reason to use settings.php - cacherouter needs early access to variables (variable_get()) when possible no DB connection innitialized to use early page cache in D6. D7 version still need this because cache Classes are get from variables too.

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In fact there two good things about the settings.php file configuration:

  • Early cache access. D7 can fetch page cache before making the database connection, and serve content without creating the DB connection. It makes it nearest it has ever been from static page performances since this page cache can live in memory (using Memcached for example). Database is hell of a bottleneck on a lot of architectures.
  • Let the sys admin do its job. Cache implementation choice does not belong to the site integrator or developer, because this person almost always doesn't even know what will really be the final hardware platform. The sys admin that will put the site on production knows, and he will choose the cache backend that fits the platform. Sys admins are lazzy persons, and they do this for thousands of different software (not only Drupal) and most of them prefer to edit a single and simple file and do not want to login on a web interface to edit settings they can set in their SSH terminal.
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suggesting some kind of merger here.

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Cache router has a long life, and cache backport is more a proof of concept than a real module ready for production (because it lacks of testers). I'd be glad to see this code being merged to somebody's project and get real maintainers, but this is not an easy task to merge this kind of low level API project, it would be risky for existing installations to upgrade.