Am I missing something? I can't seem to find any way to hide the title for a panel. I'm not sure whether this is a missing feature, or if I just can't find it among the changes in Drupal 7.


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Status: Active » Fixed

For a pane? Check 'override title' and leave the title blank.

For the Whole panel? At the top set "Title type" to "No title".

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Came across this while looking for a way to hide the page title for several splash pages. Any way to do this via the panels interface.

I looked all over panels for the settings you mentioned for hiding the title for a whole panel. Not sure if by panel you mean the "page-title" Can you give some more details on this?

For a pane: Check 'override title' and leave the title blank.
Click: Panel Content Tab
Click: Gear in Left hand corner of pane
Click: Add Content
Click: Node
Click: Node Title
Set option to override title.

For the Whole panel:At the top set "Title type" to "No title".
Couldn't find "Title Type"

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OK. . .Got it. . .Enabled Node templates in (admin/structure/panels) Now when I go to a page have the option of "+ edit panel" on the upper left hand side or page.

Click; Edit Panel and see the "Title Type" drop-down.

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Okay, I got the 'disable title' drop down on a panel created from the 'Manage Pages' side of the of the interface, but it seems like that option isn't available if you use the 'Create New->Panel Page' options from the left side of the panel settings. I'm not really understanding the difference between the two? Is it because the page you create using the link on the left is a standard page and the page you create from inside of the 'Manage Pages' interface is a 'custom page'? That seems...less than intuitive. I'd expect any Panel Page I create to have access to the same options, regardless of where and how I create it.

(This is after having enabled Node Template' as suggested: I still don't have the option for 'No Title' on the Panels I created using 'Create New-Panel Page'.)

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Ahh, panel nodes have the title handled by the node. Nodes don't actually allow you to not have a title, so there's nothing Panels can do about it in that case. Sorry. :/

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I hid the title of a panel by editing page.tpl.php. I changed

if ($title) {


if ($title != "Home") {

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Hacks, but it worked! Thanks for posting this Tymoski :)

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The module "Exclude Node Title" will also allow you to do this on a per-node basis for panel pages.

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ive used the Exclude Node Title. but its still showing in the contents panes. or am i getting it wrong?

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I you want to have set title bar (same as: drupal_set_title() ), but to avoid display of default panel-title, you can set in Panel title bellow code to do the trick:

<p class="hide">%node:title</p>

Just be sure to have default class "hide" as display:none; in your css file.

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This works for me:

1 - "Exclude title from display" checked on the content node the panel is referencing; requires "Exclude node title" module.

2 - Set Title Type dropdown on the mini panel Content settings to "No title".

3 - On that same mini panel Content settings page, click the gear to the right of the panel and choose "Settings" which opens the "Configure existing node" dialog. Click "Override title" and leave the textbox blank.

No more mini panel title.