using ver 1.89 (also in 1.88) the module always displays "calm" (when units set to metric or imperial) or "calm (0 mph)" (when units set to both), regardless of the real windspeed (as reported by weatherroom, via click on the provided by link). the rest of the data gets displayed correctly.

weatherroom displays "notice: server and software has recently been upgraded. Please contact us if you have any issues". perhaps they changed something? i use the module for one week now and saw calm (0 mph) all those days.


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what zip/region code are you using?

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i use CYUL (montreal)

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wind: 0 km/h

you should contact, there's nothing that can be done in the module's code to remedy this.

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ok; strange that they seem to send the wrong data via rss, yet display the correct value on their site...
thanks for looking into this