During the display of the media browser, we're using the square_thumbnail image style, which we've specified to scale to 180x180. However, the css in the browser further shrinks it to a 100px width. Which do we want?

The 100px?

Media browser 100px

or the 180px?

Media browser 180px

I'll attach a patch for either, once we have a consensus: we either need to change the image style to 100px, or change the css to 180px.

#7 media_zoom_slider-1024844-7.patch3.01 KBidflood
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#6 media-zoom-mockup1.jpg80.97 KBidflood
#5 media_zoom_slider-1024844-5.patch2.23 KBidflood
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media-100.png219.72 KBaaron
media-180.png431.26 KBaaron
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Alternatively, we could keep both, and add a style switcher in the browser, which could be cool, and is similar to a demo by mverbaar during d7ux. Now that I think about it, I'm leaning in that direction...

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images here:

Media 100px

Media 180px

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It would be great if we could use a jQuery UI slider to adjust the size from say 40 or 60 to the full 180. Thoughts?

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Here is a first patch that adds a slider to control the zoom level for the thumbs (from 50px to 180px by increment of 10px).

I think there will be something to do to reapply the style to dynamically loaded thumb but I may be wrong. And this will also obviously need some specific styling.

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maybe it can looks something like that. what do you think?

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here is a patch that make look the slider like in the proposed mockup above. The image needs to be added in the "images" folder.

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Assigning for review.

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Applied and tested #7 "media_zoom_slider-1024844-7.patch" against the current 7.x-1.x...
Works as described in #6.

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Is this still happening/relevant?

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well it doesnt not apply at all

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This was fixed as part of #1881152: Browser display cleanup.

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