Hello all

When i submit a form to create a nod (i use filefields, cck, taxonomy ..).
i get the CAPTCHA session reuse attack detected error
is there a way to fix this without hacking the module

if i do hack the module what might happen

my db just went from 20M to 140M, in minutes and wrecked my whole website.
Could it be because of this ?

could it be because of the catacho_session table ?

thans you very much for your help


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There is no working patch yet for #918856: CAPTCHA Session Reuse message on webforms . It's best to keep the discussion about that in that thread.

So, about your other question: is that on a live site, or did you blow up the captcha_session table on your own?
Also note that CAPTCHA has a cron hook to regularly trim the captcha_session table (removes sessions older than one day).

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