Not sure whether this qualifies as a bug or not, so I'm putting it under feature request. If you use the tab key to navigate, an extra link appears at the top: Skip to Content. If you press tab again, you get the link Skip to Navigation. Press tab a third time, and you go to the first link in the page.

Skip to Content is clearly useful, allowing you to skip headers and sidebars and go straight to the content area. But Skip to Navigation apparently takes you to the same place that you'll end up in anyway: the first link in the page. So why have it?

I would like to see Skip to Navigation replaced by two links: Skip to First Sidebar and Skip to Second Sidebar, so that keyboard navigation users can go straight to the blocks in the sidebar if they want to. I think those would be vastly more useful than Skip to Navigation. Thanks!


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It turns out that if you have menu items in your navigation bar, the behaviour is more useful: it tabs first to the nav bar and then to the sidebars. Only if there are no menu items and hence no navigation bar does it behave as described above.

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This is a good point. There may not always be navigation and we don't want a dead link! I have addded an if statement to only show this skip to navigation link if there are either primary or secondary menu items present. This has been committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.