In Drupal 6 you could enter a keyword list of usernames to automatically deny from registrating to the site. e.g webmaster, root, staff. This seems to have been removed from Drupal 7?


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It has been removed.


Refactored the "access rules" component of user module: The user module
now provides a simple interface for blocking single IP addresses. The
previous functionality in the user module for restricting certain e-mail
addresses and usernames is now available as a contributed module. Further,
IP address range blocking is no longer supported and should be implemented
at the operating system level.


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Thank you for letting me know.

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Thanks for this post. I wonder why the access rules controls were removed? I post on my own forum as a very visible author of the website, and I had a list of about twenty variations on my own name that I had blocked in Drupal 6 so as to avoid confusion from anyone else posting under a similar name. A contributed module is fine for this, but it just adds code and seems like a lot of extra work for something so small that we already had working well in Drupal 6. I'm wondering how many other people would have a similar situation with their own sites, wanting to avoid confusion. I've even seen posts where people applied a block access to %admin% and then created an allow admin rule to allow themselves to be the only one with "admin" anywhere in the name. My situation is similar, except I chose to take the name of my own website and all variations thereof.