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MD5: 93cf05a34ba3382586464617ac19114b
SHA-1: 00ea7c1f7a1d0b0f79af9e42961fd1bfe3a07a85
SHA-256: 4530f86f407e776033e156dffcd6c7ecffd86470f03825048c0b7a78ed30549c
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Release info

Created by: MGN
Created on: January 8, 2011 - 04:48
Last updated: January 8, 2011 - 04:50
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes Since Beta3

Bug Fixes

  • #872898 by MGN: Fix custom_breadcrumbs_unique_breadcrumb_id() so it does not return a value even when a custom breadcrumb has not been set.
  • #797470 by Sohodojo Jim and MGN: Use depth of first wildcard to determine best matching path.
  • #864534 by MGN: Allow for more than one taxonomy term page.
  • by MGN: Updated README.txt file.
  • #796668 by mrfelton: Fix to allow the use menu structure option to work correctly when a node is placed into multiple menus.
  • #898750 by MGN: Allow custom breadcrumbs taxonomy to work with taxonomy term pages that have overriden by panels.
  • #934316 by MGN: Use hook_preprocess_page instead of hook_preprocess when providing global home and paths-based breadcrumbs.
  • #944756 by MGN: Use variables array to provide objects for token substituion in hook_preprocess functions.
  • #884370 by murraybiscuit and MGN: Fixed pathauto special identifier code to work the latest version of the pathauto_cleanstring function.
  • #872926 by MGN: Added documentation on the use of php tags in breadcrumb visibility field.
  • #882010 by MGN: Fixed bug in breadcrumb caching that prevented custom breadcrumbs from being set for module pages.
  • #792460 by kndr: Fixes incorrect default value of custom_breadcrumbs_taxonomy_show_current_term_term.
  • #839222 by MGN: Ensure that custom_breadcrumbs_taxonomy has a greater weight than i18ntaxonomy.
  • #697674 by MGN: Fixes custom_breadcrumbs_panels to work with panel node templates.
  • #820686 by MGN: Provide custom breadcrumbs for panel pages stored in code.
  • by MGN: Reduce database queries when finding module weights.
  • #825770 by MGN: properly handle html entities in page-title identifier.
  • #829268 by pixlkat and MGN: fixes set active trail not defined bug.
  • #757180 by MGN: Do not show plain text crumb for top level book page with book-hierarchy identifier.
  • #796668 by MGN: Use hook_init to set the breadcrumb based on menu structure (again).
  • #809054 by v.sidorov: New feature to cache custom breadcrumbs db_query calls.
  •  by MGN: Fixed bug in custom_breadcrumbs_preprocess that appeared in beta3.
  • by MGN: Improving custom breadcrumbs descriptions on the site building and configuration pages.
  • #794554 by MGN: Fixed bug that removed the leading crumb twice when changing the home breadcrumb globally.
  • #654766 by MGN: Include documentation detailing character limit for php code snippets.
  •  by MGN: Update help text and README.txt for special identifiers.
  • #804310 by JGO: Fixes translation of vocabulary term.
  • #794648 by MGN: Give nodeapi a higher priority than preprocess so tokens can be replaced.

New Features:

  • #661346 by MGN: New feature implements hook_content_extra_field to manage and edit the custom breadcrumbs fieldset on node pages.
  • #789716 by derhasi and MGN: Adds new special identifier for menu parent items.
  • #901366 by MGN: New feature allows a title attribute (tooltip text) to be specified for each crumb.