The following payments work (The complete transation and reserve rooms):
CC (test gateway)
The following payments DO NOT work (They complete transaction but DO NOT reserve rooms):


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There are numerous existing issues regarding this.
The reservation is made with conditional actions (store administration -> conditional actions).
A default is provided that fires when checkout is made with full payment. Obviously for these payment types no payment is made on checkout and for good reason. Once the order is processed and the payment is entered, the booking is confirmed (store admin ->orders -> choose order-> enter payment).
Are you sure you want to make a room unavailable if someone chooses COD?
Anyone could book all of your rooms and not show up.
If you're sure, edit the conditional action and change the trigger to 'the user completes checkout' instead of 'a payment is entered'.

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Hi Lee, This is meant to solve 2 challenges, first, paying by cash. Customer come in and throw down cash to book a room, I need a way to book the room with cash, hence using Other or Check. This option is only available to staff roles never the customer.

The other issue is being able to book a room without full payment, A normal hotel will preauth the CC amount then bill it after you stay, I simply want to be able to commit the rooms, without hitting the credit card for the full transaction. (Some govt clients want to pay when they stay , not 6 months in advance for fiscal reporting reasons....

the COD payment option simply stops the transaction in the pending state, and you can go back and pay whenever, however, this option is not meant for customers its meant for the staff. Again staff role only.

So, do I need to build a custom action that fires on FULL PAYMENT instead of CHECKOUT FULL PAYMENT? Full payment does not have to happen in check out in this paradigm, that is unless you have a better way, which I suspect you probably do ;-)

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You can build a new conditional action to fire with the preferred timing.
I think in this case, removing the order balance equals zero condition will suffice.

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Hmm, I removed that condition and paid by check and it still will not reserve the room.

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Sorry, I've given you a bum steer.
You need a whole new CA predicate that fires on 'customer completes checkout' trigger, not 'a payment is entered'.
That should do it.

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Thanks Lee, I will have a go at this.

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I am working on a similar situation where I only want to authorize payment on PayPal, so the status remains as paypal pending.

For the new conditional action that I have to build for when Customer Completes Checkout, are there any conditions?
I tried it with a condition of order statas as PayPal pending and also with no conditions at all and neither seemed to work to change the room availability.

I cleared cached and ran cron to see if that's the issue and it had no effect. Any advice would be appreciated.