I read the notes and comments from November 24 -- this is STILL and issue.

I followed the same procedures as noted in the post from November 24. Jquery does not appear on the list of modules to activate and the message (as noted in title) is persistent. Disabling the date module has no effect.

Jquery 1.6
Drupal 6.20


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Im having exactly the same problem.
No solution for me as yet..

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Started working after I moved the contents of the extracted jquery.ui-1.6.zip file, renamed to jquery.ui in sites/all/libraries/, and copied over it to sites/all/modules/jquery_ui/

Warning message is no longer present and the module remains enabled and functional.

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Started working. Note: you have to disable the Date module before these instructions will work. You can enable it afterwards.

Here's how:

* Copy the jquery_ui module directory to your sites/all/modules directory, so it
is located in sites/all/modules/jquery_ui/.

* Download the jQuery UI 1.6 release from:

* Extract the archive. Rename the directory into "jquery.ui" and place it within the jquery_ui module folder:

so the actual jQuery UI JavaScript files are located in:

* Enable the module at Administer >> Site building >> Modules.