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Last updated: January 7, 2011 - 13:46

Release notes

Important note:
This release does not require database updates (update.php), but the theme registry cache needs to be refreshed after the new code is deployed :

  • visit 'admin/settings/performance' and hit the 'Clear cached data' button,
  • or run 'drush cc all' (if you have drush installed).

This release fixes a couple minor bugs, and keeps to-date with recent developments in important modules (Views, Token / Pathauto)


  • #932680 by Dave Reid: Token integration - allow using of Token API's new $options param
  • #1008184 by merlinofchaos, bojanz, dereine, yched: Adapt to Views 3 "semantic views" feature (backwards compatible with Views 2)


  • #863226 by KarenS: make sure we have a function that will return inactive instances when other instances of the same field are still active.
  • #887742 by yched: fix notices in _content_get_formatter() in some Views
  • #736440 by yched, dhthwy: fix memory leaks on long running migration scripts (e.g. migrate.module)
  • #705512 by cha0s, roderick: 'add more' button - fix PHP 5.3 compatibility
  • #894880 by yched: fix notices in check_plain() when rendering empty 'plain text' values
  • #728472 by Darren Oh: Ensure the module's preprocess functions run first
  • #986612 by Dave Reid: Token integration - fix variable name clash (harmless in normal cases)
  • #435520 by yched, sun: Fix text fields rendered as 'n/a' in some cases
  • #739490 by foripepe: Token integration - fix notices during token generation
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