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MD5: 9d0cfb26adda4da7bd309bdf5be305a0
SHA-1: 036f692134f22c25fd7aa86a07635c24f3a8432e
SHA-256: 6e57f0a6c2beca79b097e253609273ea875f3fd150825b09f24a858a81b5a570
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MD5: ead62907ea15455b0f5c7fa5477ce927
SHA-1: c30791b0af90c760f66ad3d9989b3f384feed506
SHA-256: 85b68c00bd1699db2c8991b94533dedfc63e1f88bfbc8ee841fe2197d81324a9

Release info

Created by: sun
Created on: 7 Jan 2011 at 05:37 UTC
Last updated: 21 Mar 2014 at 16:14 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

First release candidate for Drupal 7. Some known bugs exist; check the issue queue. Contributions welcome!

Changes since Drupal 6:

#990774 by sun: Updated for $closure renamed to $page_bottom.
#991906 by johnv, sun: Added configure to .info file.
#947198 by sun: Added hint about disabling Toolbar.
by sun: Updated administrative settings form for D7 UX guidelines.
by sun: Disabled "Rebuild system links" button on settings form.
#420816 by sun, smk-ka: Improved on-demand loading of dynamic paths.
#420816 by tim.plunkett: Fixed dynamic Field UI paths for vocabularies.
#871774 by swentel: Fixed developer modules toggle still uses referer_uri().
#671760 by sun: Updated for new preprocess defaults.
#731462 by sun: Updated for system_rebuild_theme_data().
by sun: Re-added a "Rebuild system links" button to settings form.
#420816 by tim.plunkett: Updated taxonomy path map for machine names.
#857688 by sun: Updated for reverted system_settings_form().
#420816 by smk-ka, sun: Added merging of menu trees containing dynamic paths.
by sun: Fixed tests and minor admin_menu_toolbar styling issues.
by sun: Fixed various styling issues for admin_menu and admin_menu_toolbar.
by sun: Updated for Schema API, DBTNG, coding standards.
by sun: Updated for new admin/modules path.
#701424 by hutch: Updated for new admin/people/people path.
by sun: Removed orphan menu rewrite function.
#667858 by sun: Don't remove the current user from the switch user list.
#631550 by sun: Updated for fixed MENU_VISIBLE_IN_BREADCRUMB behavior.
#658344 by dereine, sun: Updated for removed drupal_session_count().
by sun: Added separate permission to flush cashes.
by sun: Updated for changed Devel settings form.
by sun: Updated for new {system}.info module data.
#614730 by azriprajwala, sun: Updated for hook_theme() key changes.
by sun: Updated for all theme functions should take a single argument.
by sun: Reverted removal of registry cache flushing option.
#578520 by sun: Fixed destination query parameter is processed wrongly.
#578520 by sun: Updated for $query in url() should always be an array.
by Dave Reid: Updated for PHP 5 date constants.
by sun: Updated for new database API.
by smk-ka: Removed remnants of the registry. Fixed flush admin menu cache
#567618 by smk-ka: Revised test cases. Abstracted out base web test class.
by sun: Updated for removed registry, new admin paths.
#326539 by sun: Updated for class attribute array.
#519782 by sun: Updated for hook_footer() replaced by hook_page_alter().
#525638 by Razorraser: Updated for admin/build renamed to admin/structure.
by Dave Reid: Updated for hook_permission().
#482314 by Dave Reid: Updated for node_type_get_types().
#437506 by yched, Dave Reid: Updated for menu_router_build().
#376816 by sun: Updated for compatibility for other JavaScript libraries.
#337820 by Dave Reid: Updated for new user/logout path.
#340546 by Dave Reid: Updated for drupal_add_js().
#340531 by Dave Reid: Updated for module_list().
#266358 by sun: Updated for drupal_add_css().
#320526 by yettyn, sun: Updated to UNSTABLE-2 (DBTNG queries, permissions, etc).
by sun: Changed admin_menu_wipe() to admin_menu_flush_caches().
by sun: Updated content-type edit menu item locations.
by sun: Fixed sess_count() changed to drupal_session_count().


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