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Most content in a Drupal site will come from instances of Content Types. It is important to read the handbook page on Content Types.

The Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to any of the content types using a web interface. In Drupal 6.x, custom content types can be created in Drupal core, and the Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to any content type.

Upgrade Limitations

You cannot directly upgrade Content Construction Kit version 4.7 to Content Construction Kit version 6.x! You should carefully read the upgrade directions prior to upgrading.

Drupal 6.x

You can:

  1. enable the Content Construction Kit modules at Administer > Site building > Modules.
  2. content types are now managed in the core. You can add and edit them at Administer > Content management > Content types.
  3. configure the Content Construction Kit fields by going to Administer > Content management > Content types and select a content type to edit. On the edit screen you will see tabs to Manage fields or Add field.
  4. set create and edit permissions for content types at User management > Permissions.
  5. import and export content types by enabling the Content Copy module in CCK section at admin/build/modules.
  6. file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version on the Content Construction Kit project page.

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