Thanks for this great module! As you can see in the attached screenshot, the CSS formatting of the right region seems to be not right (space issue). A fix would be great — just reserve more space for the whole thing, please.

In this sample/case I used Firefox 3.6.13 on a Ubuntu Linux with Gnome desktop.

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Isn't the problem that you are trying to put something in it that is too wide to fit? The right column would need to be very wide for that to work?

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Correct. But 'vertical tabs' (see screenshot) should find their space somehow, I think!

In this case ('vertical tabs') it really seems to be a simple CSS formatting error, since things are displayed - just not correctly.

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I made the two columns roughly equal width by modifying sites/all/modules/nodeformcols/css/nodeformcols.css to:

.node-form .form-region-right {
  width: 49%;
  float: right;

.node-form-has-region-right .form-region-main {
  float: left;
  width: 50%;

.node-form-has-region-right .form-region-footer {
  clear: both;

For some reason adding this to local.css in the theme did not work as it does in D6.

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I don't think same width columns should be the default for this module. Maybe a setting?

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I'm having much the same problem.

See screenshot


Easily fixed by amending the css file as mentioned above

It probably should be a setting really

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@pauldriver and @itserich: does the patch at #1287452: Text fields and text areas on the right sidebar should be resized help you in any way?

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sorry but I'm not up to speed with patching. relative noob

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Same with me about patching. I have been successful patching a few times but in this case I changed the couple lines in the module.

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try http://drupal.org/patch/apply
or just edit manually.

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@barraponto: it works it works!!! :) Even so, one has to wonder if maybe something like

.column-main {
  width: 60%;

.column-side {
  width: 39.99%;

is in order. The vertical tabs look pretty cramped in the right column. But when I switch from 65% / 34.99% to 60% / 39.99% the right column content is swimming in white space... :/ Therefore, my thoughts are @barraponto's patch is the way to go.

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@paskainos setting #1287452: Text fields and text areas on the right sidebar should be resized to RTBC would motivate the mantainers (including myself) to commit the change.
I have, however, switched to using Display Suite Forms (from http://drupal.org/project/ds).

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@barraponto: done! :)
Quick question; why do you currently prefer DS?

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Because there's a UI to set regions, move stuff to blocks, etc.