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MD5: 817cb8fe158c041bca2aca6dfe6ccd66
SHA-1: 7e920051ba17e52d0ce75a7a48ec75886a1f2a4e
SHA-256: d67224b8499d48d29ca29276def424fc2d081d18c9855f36a8ea6326759bfd0a
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MD5: 983cb6677b0b627492b44571cc979e10
SHA-1: be5ed6dff77b4fbe897bca9c788151a8bc291b73
SHA-256: c85726b08ee810c9a52fbb2543f374edae9dd9a41ac2a34cd1c6672c320b5ce6
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/media_youtube:^1.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: aaron
Created on: 5 Jan 2011 at 21:24 UTC
Last updated: 5 Jan 2011 at 21:26 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7--1:

  • begin update to d7
  • by aaron: Include stream wrapper w/ module load.
  • by aaron: Register the stream wrapper.
  • by aaron: Parse URL correctly.
  • by aaron: Add test default media styles.
  • by aaron: Add preview theme.
  • by aaron: Integrate with Styles.
  • by aaron: Add variables to preview theme.
  • by aaron: Implement hook_styles_presets().
  • by aaron: Fix return value for hook_styles_presets().
  • by aaron: Define filter callbacks.
  • by aaron: Embed themes & style callbacks.
  • by aaron: Begin browser forms for YouTube.
  • by aaron: New themes for styles.
  • by aaron: Browse user + all youtube videos.
  • by aaron: Add JS behavior to url text field.
  • by aaron: Add a weight to style containers.
  • by aaron: Add media_youtube.js.
  • by aaron: Add media_youtube.js.
  • by aaron: Add preview on parsing new youtube.
  • by aaron: Refactor styles containers to match new API.
  • by aaron: Add alt/title to embed thumbnails theme.
  • by aaron: Add action link to add youtube video from media content admin.
  • by aaron: Add style presets for youtube.
  • by aaron: Add style presets for youtube.
  • by aaron: Add wysiwyg tab for youtube url.
  • by aaron: Allow w/h overrides.
  • by aaron: Change tab behavior to new required format.
  • removing cruft.
  • by aaron: Remove link behavior for the moment.
  • by aaron: Implement hook_media_parse().
  • by aaron: Fix incorrect parse to youtube from flickr.
  • by aaron: Allow parsing of url's like
  • by aaron: Begin work on adding 'All/My Youtubes' vertical tabs.
    by aaron: Add 'YouTube Library' tab to browser w/ all youtube videos.
  • by aaron: Remove old tab from browser.
  • by aaron: Add an empty message.
  • by aaron: Begin framework for pager support.
  • by aaron: Add overlay to media browser library thumbnails.
  • by aaron: Add title to tab.
  • by arthur: Hack to display YouTube video thumbnails in browser YouTube tab.
  • by aaron: Fix parameter display in output.
  • by aaron: Fix parameter display in output.
  • by arthur: Hack up youtube submission to create media properly.
  • Getting the module basically working again with the media_internet module
  • Added logo, need to change logo though
  • Added a required MediaInternetYouTubeHandler::save() method.
  • by aaron: Add implementation of the File Styles (v2) module's hook_file_styles_filter().
  • #929962 by davidseth - Fix fatal error in media_youtube.module
  • Added dummy CSS file, to be populated later.
  • [#884464] HTML5 video playback support
  • [#952366]: Allow YouTube thumbnails to be generated with image styles
  • [#952428]: Fixed stream wrapper registration.
  • [#952422]: Validating that YouTube URLs are unique, until Media module is fixed to not require that.
  • [#952418]: Added MediaInternetYouTubeHandler::getMRSS() and MediaInternetYouTubeHandler::getOEmbed() functions.
  • [#884464]: oops. missed some lines.
  • #954962 by aaron: Move thumbnail functionality into wrapper class.
  • #967720 by mfer: Fix DOM error after implementing a youtube video.
  • #991940 by jackinloadup: Fix videos are positioned absolutely vs relative.
  • #991928 by jackinloadup: Fix flipped w/h in html5 player.
  • #952628 by effulgentsia: Integrate YouTube videos into WYSIWYG.
  • by aaron: Initial support for Styles version 2.
  • by aaron: Add support for video to styles 2.


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