Need following basic and compulsary features

1>It will allow visitors to sign up and login .SSL certification(256 bit encrypted) to secure login details and whole session till the user signs out (just like gmail)...this feature wil make bettors feel secure and stay anonymous.User will be able to see their last 10 login IPs like gmail.

2>After signing up they come to their dashboard where all details of transactions are recorder(just like paypal) .pagination done by inserting date from_____to ________.filters can be applied.

3>"Add fund" button to a allow then to add fund and update their account balance.
Shall have to integrate a third-party payment processor accordingly(with credit cards no wire transfer) .The amount given by members will show i their balance after any charge deductions should be automated and instant.
4>a real time comment board (controlled from admin panel)in the dashboard showing current rate or sports status./it will allow user to choose their favorite team and lock bet

5>Todays match status/like Japan won/Match being played/Outcome pending.. /

6>After the outcome of the match account balance got to be automatically credited with an n fund added..if the rate is 2.5 then the user wins 3.5n fund.

if user looses "Sorry you lost :Account balance debited automatically"

7>Option of withdrawing fund withe the "Withdraw fund" button to their respective bank accounts...Payment processor integration required or initially manual fund transfer can be done from the admin panel ..latter it will be automated after admin approval...Easy Admin panel got to be designed for better control.

The following features are the most basic thing and they should be enough to kickstart the project..

Some not-so-important aditional features

8>Automated live chat(customer support) ..based on keyword querry /see paypal live chat.

9>a live chat among members who are online.Will also show number of members who are online at a certain time.

10>A ticket for customer support.(in drupal no other PHP CMS) .Or an inbox feature for communication with the admin and members .

Kindly list all the plugins or modules that i need i am totally new to this drupal world i have some experience with joomla but i have been suggested to switch to Drupal for its flexibility and security features.



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Please don't post duplicate threads. I've deleted the dupe, thanks.

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Hello Milan, i am looking for the exact module you searching for, the prediction game module i got is not what i wanted, i needed something that will allow users bet on different stake on just a match and every other thing you have written down, i like to know how was your research and what you came up with, can you share with me please?


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I have created a modification to the sports pickem module with what I think you are looking for if you are still looking


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I'm interested in the module. Please contact me.