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SHA-1: 9cb0cf79e853e71c7312ac3890febb90754e37b4
SHA-256: d5752090d6be3478480a79953204bdaa537487ef8f1a5421a490b7b97facd841
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SHA-256: b3f6227324620b74fecd0f8b2648c9c94725cf15d3ee23b275d11327ae27ce97
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/entity:^1.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: fago
Created on: 4 Jan 2011 at 19:42 UTC
Last updated: 4 Jan 2011 at 19:46 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

API changes since BETA5:
* Exportable entities have been overhauled, so that all entities are stored in the database. Modules providing an exportable entity type need to be updated. See #1008810-8: Store all exportables in the db-
* Entity metadata wrappers: The value() method now doesn't throw an exception for not set properties any more, but returns NULL - see #708268.

Complete list of changes since BETA5:
* #1006664 fixed call to undefined function errors occurring without the entity metadata module
* #1007542 removed the empty .info file for the upgrade, as it causes troubles with the update-manager
* #708268 some metadata wrapper improvements, in particular fixed property updates to be properly reflected in parent data structures. API change: value() now doesn't throw an exception for not set properties any more, but returns NULL.
* #708268 added image and file field support, including tests.
* #708268 improved property info for text fields to also support summaries and added tests.
* #1010144 patch by drunken monkey: fixed information for anonymous authors
* #1013240 patch by aspilicious: Remove unnecessary files[] declarations from .info file
* #1008810 overhauled exportable entities so that all entities are stored in the database. Upgrade for modules making use of exportable entities is required, see #1008810-8.
* #1014046 patch by brenk28: fixed improper use of t().
* #1008810 follow-up: fixed uninstalling for modules providing an exportable entity.


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