On http://drupal.org/about/new-in-drupal-7, one of the main differences between Drupal 6 and 7 is said to be cron ("More secure implementation for scheduled tasks (cron.php)")

The main difference I can find so far, is that you actually got an interface in Drupal 7 to say how often cron should run. I assume that means you don't actually need to set a crontab anymore.

Based on the documentation I found, you actually do need to set a crontab, and with a key now (see here and here)

I'm guessing the settings in the interface're a core implementation of Poormanscron, in case a regular crontab doesn't work. Is this right, or am I getting too confused here?


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Yes, there's a core implementation of poor man's cron. Its use is optional.

No, that's not all there is to it. The standard cron is still there, but it has been security-enhanced. It requires a unique key, generated by Drupal, so no one other than you can invoke it.

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The unique cron key (in fact the full URL) is shown on the site status report page.

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It just takes me to the home page and the status report & says cron hasn't run. This is also true If I paste it in as a url or use it in a cron job.