...now that #740686: Integrate semantic views got committed in both 7.x-3.x and 6.x-3.x branches, what features of this module are still missing from Views 3?


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I was wondering the same thing.

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The one thing i've come across that i used to be able to do is #1025410: Allow arbitrary override of row wrapping tags (so i filed that Views issue).

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Wondering the same thing myself and interested in hearing bangpound's thoughts. If it's not obsoleted, is there a plan for a D7 release?

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I've been working with Drupal 7 for a few weeks now, and still find myself using this module. Views core for D7 has pretty good options for controlling the semantic markup of fields, but the display styles in Semantic Views offer more control and are much easier to use.

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So here's the problem. Views 3 does Semantic Views in a different way, and it leaves aside some of the options I offer through the output style options (such as the melding of the grid, list and unformatted styles into one "semantic views" style). The actual custom HTML tags are now on the field handlers instead of the row plugin, so a straight migration of your views from Semantic Views to Views 3 is not possible. I will take a look at this before next week and see what should be done.

I suspect we'll use Semantic Views in Views 3 as a low-profile "bridge" between the Views 2 + Semantic Views and Views 3... for people who like the options and who need to have an upgrade path.

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Thanx for taking the time to reply Benjamin.

Views 3 does Semantic Views in a different way, and it leaves aside some of the options I offer through the output style options (such as the melding of the grid, list and unformatted styles into one "semantic views" style).

Have you filed issues for these in the Views queue? Perhaps they might be implemented Views3 in later on. If you did/will file issues, then can you please post the respective issue numbers here. Thanx in advance ;)

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@bangpound: hey Benjamin, did you find the time to file requests for the missing features you mention in #5 against Views 3.x?? Also, can you please update the project's page with this information so that people coming to the project know where they stand depending on what version of views they are using. Thanx in advance.

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Is Semantic Views module obsoleted by Views 3?

No. Sadly. There's no way to get HTML5 elements from Views 3. So I've been using Semantic Views (and hacking core). Semantic Views is now throwing a lot of errors.... which makes me sad. Because I'd like to do quality semantic markup from Drupal. And it's a real struggle.

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subscribing, I am interested in this topic as well, love using Semantic Views and switching to Drupal 7 now.

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I'm starting to migrate some things from D6 to 7 with Views 3, so subscribing.

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+1. Views 3(D7) has limited semantic options.

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row style plugin would be very useful

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I should point out that for those folks using grid layouts like 960, the row style plugin would be particularly useful in Views 3, especially when it comes to things like adding first and last classes (ie the 960 grid system uses alpha/omega for first/last classes).

Personally, like others have stated, I find the choice of available html elements on individual fields limited in Views 3. I would much prefer a textfield than a drop down with a fixed set of options. At one point I remember wanting to wrap a field in a <blockquote> and couldn't do it. I know there's always the possibility of someone typing something, well... wrong if it was a textfield, but I would prefer the flexibility and it some ways it would be quicker.

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@rhache: +1

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Subscribers of this thread may be interested in the Fences module:

Fences is a an easy-to-use tool to specify an HTML element for each field. This element choice will propagate everywhere the field is used, such as teasers, RSS feeds and Views. You don't have to keep re-configuring the same HTML element over and over again every time you display the field.

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It seems from the little I've read that Views can be configured to use Fences at an "every field" level, in which case this seemingly negates the need to use the in-Views field config. If you use Fences, I'm gathering that this can supercede what Views does with fields, and replace semantic_cck module (D6 only) and probably semanticviews as well?

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Views 3 has some functions but not all that Sematic Views offers so this is in some