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Last updated: January 3, 2011 - 12:51

Release notes

Version 6.2.7
- #514242 Day repeated every two weeks was broken by wrong day comparison value.
- Fix a bug in the calculation of the week days when using ISO weeks.
- #549042 The date_week() function should return an integer even when using ISO weeks.
- #575770 Fix handling of empty vs zero date parts in the date combo processing.
- #385688 by jcmarco, Make sure we don't set relationships where there should be none.
- Fix a strict warning for use of is_a().
- #882980 Fix WSOD in PHP4 from date_format process to create a new date.
- #998498 Don't try to use jquery_ui function in update if it isn't installed, add a warning message.
- #993148 Use url() for link to date format page in date widget settings so it works without clean urls.
- Add more date repeat tests and fix date repeat handling of day of month > 5.
- #784854 by akeemw, fix broken date repeat handling of negative by-day computations.
- Add functions to get a granularity precision from a granularity array or an array from a precision.
- #760284 by skwashd, arithmetric clean up ical rfc compliance.
- #939152 by amelfe add z-index to datepicker 1.7.
- #826458 by troynt Keep date popup from popping up on page load.
- #441970 by recrit and patcon, tweak year range validation in date filter and date argument to be more flexible.
- #952036 by cwc, Date popup defaulted to earliest year instead of current year when using jquery ui 1.7.
- #977002 Ensure that the year range always sets the minium year as the minimum even if the year range string has it reversed.
- #848656 by Mark Trapp, remove use of ereg from date_calc for compatibility with PHP 5.3.
- #385688 by christianchristensen Fix filter handling for relationships.
- #963844 Fix the date filter and argument so they will show up both under the 'Date' group and as 'Content' fields.
- Add tests for date popup widget.
- #560054 by travist and, add AHAH Add More buttons to date repeat exceptions and additions.
- #292522 by chaps2, fix typo in new date repeat additions feature.
- #292522 by chaps2, add additive exception to repeating date form.
- Avoid errors with incomplete time values in dates.
- #337666 Fix UNTIL and EXCEPT dates to not show time and automatically set them to 23:59:59 before storing.
- #769064 Fix translation in format example text.
- #898024 by jaydub and #834388 by arroncouch Fix the jquery ui css paths.
- Adding and updating test, including a test provided by tristanoneil, with a few fixes uncovered by the tests.
- #521990 by Aron Novak: Make sure popup date selector grid is in correct year by.
- #587338 by Kevin Rogers - Add token to support day number with English ordinal (st, nd, rd or th).

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