I was under the impression that Drupal.org is using Drupal 7? How come Dashboard is integrated into Drupal.org and there is no D7 version? Any idea when this will be available?

BTW, I love this module. I think it really it adds a lot to Drupal. Thanks.


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This dashboard / a dashboard module is supplied standard with Drupal 7. Think this module is a backport of that functionality, but not sure.

Anyway, it's in Drupal 7, so no need to ship as a separate module.

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Dashboard comes with D7, but only an administrative dashboard... Right? We can't have users that customize their personal dashboard can we?

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Drupal.org is still using Drupal 6 (and will be for "a while")

The dashboard this site is using (the Your Dashboard link in the header region) is the Homebox module. (It's not the same as what comes with D7 for administration.)