Right now, we have experience levels set at

a) Beginner
b) Intermediate
c) Advanced

The problem is that when submitting a session, it's pretty hard to gauge the precise experience level your session should be aiming for. And sometimes, during actual presentation, the audience requires a slightly different approach or the session covers multiple experience levels.
I think more sensible defaults would be :

a) Beginner to Intermediate
b) Intermediate to Advanced
c) All

Another conference used these experience levels and I would like to adopt them. :)


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Wouldn't a) be the same as checking "beginner and intermediate", and similar for b and c?

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Yes :) And you could check all three to get All. But it causes some display problems if you want to your session to be for All since it'll display three levels.

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The display point makes sense to me, but for inputting the data it makes more sense to have checkboxes (I think).

Perhaps we can fix this on the display side with a new cck formatter that outputs sensible plain english based on the checkboxes selected? i.e. if they only check beginner it will say beginner but if they check beginner and intermediate it would say "beginner to intermediate" and if they check all it says "all"

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Title: Change default Experience level options? » Field formatters for experience level

Changing title to reflect greggles' suggestion.

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+1 to the approach in #3 :)

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
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Moving this to 7.x-2.x

Since 7.x is rooted in OG, I propose we simply make the experience level a taxonomy OG vocab instead of a select list. Then each even can decide what levels they want. I'm unaware of any code or view referencing the values by name.