I just bumped into this design problem. As you can see on the attached screenshots the background image kind of breaks when the texts are longer.

In additon the blue-ish grey color cannot be set into (in this special case more burgundy) matching color via theme settings color module interface.

Or am I simply missing something? Thanks for spending your time on my issue.



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Hi Kirsten,
thanks for testing Busy :) Do you happen to have a test site up? I don't see this problem on a site of mine when I post long text there, but my site is just using the basic Busy theme.

You're not missing anything with the color module implementation. It's not finished yet but we're not actively working on it either (Any help appreciated, hint hint :)).


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Dear Anja,

unfortunately I am using it on a local server right now. I will upload it on a wokspace of mine, so you can test it. Please understand I will send link to space and usernames and/or passwords via e-mail as project is strictly confidential as of today.

Regarding the active developement of the color module implementation I am just a starter with these things, but anything I implement succesfully I am willing to share with you here for others to use, too. *hint understood* ;)


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
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Title: Background image kind of breaks with long texts » Color module implementation bug: Strange effect in background when changing color scheme

Kirsten I think this only happens when one changes the Color scheme.
I also noticed this, it is just a bug in the color module implementation.

And yes, the background color is not yet changeable with the color Module. Maybe we are going to change that later.

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Version: » 7.x-1.4
Category: task » support
Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Needs review

I am experiencing exactly the same issue, so I wanted to asked if there is any workaround or other way to have a correct background despite of changing the color scheme.

I don't need to change the backgground I just want to change the link color and the top bar- is this possible?

Thanks for any replies

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Well as far as I know Color Module generates a new css version if you change any color, so this bug bites you. The only option at the moment (until we finally fix this bug) would be disabling color module and changing the color by hand.

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I have some color issues as well.

The color module doesn't seem to reflect the labels correctly and I had lots of trouble trying to get a good combination of colors to work, especially those with links, which often made the text disappear in the menus if you put them in blocks.

I have also a strange effect now that I have a site wide form. The color which appear for text doesn't match the colors for the rest of the site and I can't even see where they do come from.

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Status: Needs review » Postponed

Yeah the color module integration in Busy is more than buggy and we won't be able to fix it anytime soon. Patches welcome.

@sebastian.haas: "needs review" is a status meant for issues that have patches, it means that the patch needs review.