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Last updated: January 1, 2011 - 13:32

Release notes

IMPORTANT: If header menu disapears after updating to this release: clear the theme cache, go to block administration page and assign your menu block to "Header menu" region.

Fixed issues (D6 & D7):
- #950936 by montesq: "Recent content" block: link "show more" is invalid if clean url is disabled
- #958626 by Ron Williams: Duplicate CSS entry on line 296
- #938508 by rszrama: Accommodate new system.css status message background-image
- #971876 by bakanyaka: Tinymce font size setting dont' work
- #978234 by Agileware: Max width greater than 1200 pixels
- #868360 by rude_rory: Drop down menu not working
- #988082 by Mikuslas: Message under image
- #985882 by amal850720: Drop down menu not working
- #978252 by Agileware: Page doesn't fit on screen when using width 100%
- #932252 by Xano: Site's footer message should be used instead of a custom one
- #1006340 by caschbre: Node title spans all three columns in IE8

Additional changes:
- dropped support for IE6

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