After a tough week of battling a seriously impaired site, I wanted to document my error and solution since I didn't find any specific tips in the forums about this.

After installing several unused modules, I started getting this error message

Table 'database_name.node_field_instance' doesn't exist query: content_schema /* Anonymous : content_schema */ SELECT * FROM node_field_instance nfi LEFT JOIN node_field nf ON nf.field_name =nfi.field_name WHERE = 1 AND nfi.widget_active = 1 in /home/kbnet/public_html/sites/all/modules/cck/content.install on line 187

This resulted in content fields for several content types no longer being accessible (including embedded video, ckk email contact, and calendar dates).


I compared the variable table of the drupal database with a backup and found that this row had been removed


I inserted it using phpmyadmin (old value was  i:6009; in my case) and that solved the problem.


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Thanks so much for documenting this! Saved me hours of troubleshooting.

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For anyone else with this error. The above fix is correct, and works well. However, if you have the content_schema_version variable exported in a feature, if you revert the feature you'll reproduce the error. Moral of the story: DO NOT export content_schema_version through strongarm.