About 2 months ago, i tried using Views Slideshow inside a Quicktab, but the behavior was erratic
Been meaning to report this, but something always got in the way and i kept forgetting...

- Sometimes it would do the slideshows properly, others not.
- Often you would have to switch tabs for it to work.
- A progress bar gets stuck on the top of the tab content, just bellow the tab title, when you're not seeing the tab that has the slideshow
- among other oddities

The Quicktab is inside a Panel. I've used it with success until i set a tab with views slideshow.

this is likely a AJAX conflict.
any change of a fix?
i think i haven't tested with 3.x yet.

It would really be cool if i would work, because then i could set up a proper product page for Ubercart (and eventually Commerce), having a big product picture and shop buttons on the left, and it's details on the right, and a quicktab on the bottom, with tabs for more pics, comments and specificiations, by using Panels, Quicktabs and Views Slideshow.

random example with different software on a random site:


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