Thanks for your work on this superb theme. I know this verges on a support request but I for the life of me can't figure out why some module javascript files don't work with this theme. I've run into this before but never problem-solved it and just moved on. Here's the latest example:

Using the latest development version of the Views Infinite Pager module (comment #18) which is supposed to add infinite paging (aka like Twitter/Facebook streams) to the bottom of a View. I run into circles trying to attach the js file (views_infinite_pager.js) and work properly with the View in question. I've tried adding it to the .info file and such but then it doesn't work.

The module will attach the JS file properly with the View using the following themes: Zen, Garland and any of Drupal's base themes.

My question is then (particularly considering that I know tao does a lot of stripping of Drupal's base CSS) is there something Tao might be doing to remove certain JS?