OpenID lets you log in and then associate to a twitter/facebook account. This is very convenient for being able to associate multiple oauth accounts all to the same account. Right now I can do this but I have to edit the database.


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Project: OAuth Connector » Connector

This is my highest priority right now - will hopefully have something to push during the day that reassembles how the Twitter module handles multiple external accounts connected to a single drupal account.

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Apparently needed to refactor all the databases of the OAuth module to accomplish this - will take a bit longer. I've multiple external accounts able to connect to single local accounts - but keys and secrets can't reliably be connected to them right now.

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Got most of this working now. The fix for the OAuth module has been committed and is pending release. Now I just need to wrap this up, test it and then commit it to CVS. Should happen in a week or two.

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"A week or two" - well - the code is committed and will appear in a dev-release. Not release ready yet though - some crucial parts are missing I think.

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hi voxpelli and merlinofchaos,
any update on this for use with 7? Or any kind of production use?

what would be required to make this work??

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Version: 6.x-1.0-alpha1 » 7.x-1.x-dev

Have this been addressed for 7.x?

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any update?

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Has this been handled? The FBOauth module does it very nicely! Really need this feature in Connector...


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What's the status on this, its almost 3 years old now with it being the highest priority. Can we connect existing user accounts? If so how do we go about doing this.

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Interested... subscribing.

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This issue is almost a show-stopper for my clients. As far as I can ascertain if you register an account with one service, for example Google, you cannot then connect this Drupal account with another service, for example Facebook. The functionality of the modules seem to imply that a user can access and manage their connectors but I think the functionality comes up short.

Users today have multiple net personas, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and it is essential to allow them to use any one of these "main-stream" services to login/register with a website/web app.

Android does this seamlessly and has done almost since inception. Why is the Drupal world so far behind?

Also, are the Oauth, Connector, Oauth Connector modules dead as they do not seem to be maintained/improved. I was really hoping to use "pure" community stuff to get the required functionality but might have to resort to free (read restricted/basic) commercial options like Gigya, Janrain, etc. :-(

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I haven't been involved in Drupal development for a few years, but there are some other co-maintainers who are.

Regarding this issue, a quick glance at the code seems to suggest that this is indeed implemented in the Drupal 7 version as well:

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Issue summary: View changes

Here's a possible solution for you at

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Project: Connector » OAuth Connector
Status: Active » Needs review

I've taken swishstar's work, expanded upon it, and created a separate module to solve this issue:

I'm also changing this issue's project back to OAuth Connector as that seems to be where this issue originated.

The OAuth Connector module currently already has a way to connect an existing user to a new OAuth Connection: /user/{uid}/connections. However, it doesn't provide a way for a user to be connected into their existing account upon login. As the above comments point out, this is the largest use case. The issue stems from the fact that there isn't something reliable and unique across accounts to know if a user should be associated. Probably the most reliable field is the email field, but email is not part of the core of OAuth implementation. In fact, Twitter didn't include it in the initial authorization until very recently. So I think this is why OAuth Connector has been released without the ability to associate existing accounts. And that's also why I've created a separate module to provide this feature. Take a look at the module and its code. Let's see if we can get this resolved.

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The module file is empty pianomansam. Is it just me?

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@Exploratus, sorry about that. That should be resolved now.

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Thanks. Will test. Really appreciate it!

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The module of pianomansam (#16) worked for me.