Running Centos 5.5 and latest PHP 5.3.4, and trying to install Drupal 7 pre-release which apparently requires XML/DOM

PHPInfo() shows in the "Configure Command" portion "......'--without-mysql' '--without-gd' '--disable-dom' '--disable-dba'". From this I would presume that DOM is disabled. Cannot find any disable line in php.ini or elsewhere that refers to DOM. Is there an easy way to re-enable DOM? Thanks


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Following many hours of research on the net, minimal progress. Numerous recommendations to "yum install php-XML" and "yum install php-DOM", neither of which are compatable with PHP 5.3.4, which I understand may already include XML and DOM embedded in the compiled distribution. ie. they are no longer extensions to PHP. Also suggestions to recompile the source, which at this stage is beyond my capability - I think. Intrigued as to whether PHP 5.3.4 is compatable with Drupal 7.

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It did require a "yum install php-xml" even though it's supposed to be enabled.

The difficulty I had is that in order to get a sensible version of PHP on CentOS I had to use an alternate repository and it took a while to work out the magic required. So my real command was "yum --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo=remi install php-xml".

If you're not using an alternate repository at least you know it's doable (assuming no significant difference between 5.3.4 and 5.3.5)