Hello, everybody!
I need some help now. Below is the error i get when trying to attach an image to a node, using img_assist
The selected file /home/.../.../.../tmp/ could not be copied

I have been using img_assist for other drupal sites, this is the first time i see this error.
- Could it be a file size limit? but i uploaded videos before with no problems at all.
- Could it be a read/write/execute problem? But i have all the right permissions to the entire folder!
- Other topics suggest disabling the attach module, i have it disabled since i dont use it.

What could it be? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

PHP 4.4.x
MySQL 4.0.x
Drupal 4.7


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are you sure the path to the tmp folder is correct ?

are you using public or private download method ?

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I garantee i have the correct path.
The selected file /home/.../public_html/.../files/tmp/tmp_HNyiC6 could not be copied.
I am using public download.

The only diference in this project:
- Drupal is installed in a subdomain
- I am using the internationalization.module

Thanks for your reply.

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Could your disk be out of space?

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It cant be out of space. I can still add nodes.
Here's an interesting one:
I enabled the upload.module to test if i can upload files to the same temporary folder that img_assist is using, upload.module works. In fact, i uploaded the same image that i am trying to insert with img_assist!
That means:
I have disk space, Upload limit ok, Correct path ok, permissions ok. Img_assist is causing some uknown problem.

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ensure there is a tmp folder in the files folder.

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i had the same problem.. blabla .. tmp/tmp_ ... could not copied and so on.. so i can upload any images to my image gallery or to my profile.. i tried over 3 days.. and i finally solve the problem!! and i´m so happy seeing the first image uploaded :D
so, when you go to file system, you can set the temp directory "Location where uploaded files will be kept during previews" if you submit before having the folder tmp drupal create one for you.. the problem hereby is, that the chmod is set to 775 .. but you need 777, so before submitting to create a folder, create a folder yourself and switch the chmod to 777.. und everything is nice!
now i have my first image in my gallery :D

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I am having this similar problem and am in a real pickle here. Not sure what changed, but I cannot upload ANY file attachments to any node. Creates temp file just fine, then errors out when copying, as you can see by error below.

The selected file C:\php5\uploadtemp\tmpCB.tmp could not be copied.

To give a little background, i had backed up the database and moved the files within IIS via ftp, so I'm guessing it is definitely a permissions issue, but I honestly have tapped every resource.

I have searched everywhere and probable done most of the things you guys are going to suggest first.

I created a new file under the site directory called temp, cannot chmod file so that doesn't work.

Gave IUSR all permissions to file. Still nothing.

PLEASE HELP! I am willing to pay at this point

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Beside the temp folder you refer here, try also to grant write permission to IUSR_... for \sites\default\files
Then, clear the cache from admin > settings > performance.

I've just had the same problem and it works now.
Well, maybe not the exact problem with yours.

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After drush cc there aren't problems with the permissions.

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So, as i see, this post is since 2006....
But now, i have the similar problem. and i can't solve it for a long time. Can anyone help me?
With picture have the pixel is 100x100 everything is ok.
But i can't add any other picture with different size. I'm using Drupal 6.14.

This is the error:

Unable to create scaled Thumbnail image.
The selected file C:\wamp\www\Drupal-6.14\drupal-6.14\drupal-6.14 could not be copied.

So, what should i do now? i'm nearly to give up.

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Hi i have the same error,
But i was happening some time not all the time.
Now i found out if i use .png instead of .jpg i works fine for me

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Anyone having problems with this, you may have to set proper permissions to css, js, imagecache, imagefield_thumbs and any other directories inside the sites/default/files.

I have the following with 775 permissions
sites/default/files/imagecache (if you are using image cache module)
sites/default/files/imagefield_thumbs (if you are using filefield or imagefield cck)

this is in D6.

Hope this can help someone.