per #1004698: Proposed COD information architecture and requests from other COD site operators, it would be great to make it very clear whether a user has signed up to attend the main conference event and encourage her to do so if she has not.

This falls under the topic of onboarding -- see Kyle Matthews' great thinking on this.

Building this as part of solution more general than COD seems nice, but it seems like a basic COD onboarding block for signup and session submission (and other key user actions) would be very lightweight to write.

We could start a cod_onboarding module to focus on signing up for the main event, and provide a simple configurable ui to specify which even we're checking signups for.


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Subscribe. This will be a great addition!

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I would love to see something more general.

Conference planning often involves a number of checklists, the non-technical person's equivalent of project management.

If it were possible for a conference organizer to create those checklists and see a visual representation of their completion level (aka content_complete) it would make it much easier to keep track of how preparations are going.

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I'd like to see this at the Session level, too (ie. a view of flags per-session content type (and schedule item) that shows usernames for that session).

Then users can print off and do a roll call at a session, if needed.

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To follow up on my #3. I found Flag Vista, which allows for a non-relationship based view that parses Flags per user and flag type.

With "Flagging" of content, Flag Vista allows for compiling a per-session roll call/attendance rosters as I'd requested.

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Title: Onboarding: Signup status block » Onboarding: Signup status block for attendees
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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
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Related issues: +#849074: Block with invitation to submit a session

Moving this to 7.x-2.x

So the general idea would be to create a custom block / panel pane that would dynamically show either a "Register Now" or "whats next/whatever" call to action based on their registration status.