Download bot-6.x-1.2.tar.gztar.gz 42.56 KB
MD5: 04926a98996f9276d8697feaac94333d
SHA-1: 960f6b48a51cd923ad4bd2c835d7e4ccdc8a1a71
SHA-256: 1488e38a7930eef83149d10d06d3cfb5b2496f11a0cdffcf8531a2d9efb11d15
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MD5: 274fc0953307c5553556b2a93c6646ea
SHA-1: a518095b17014232e6565f429a31a461463c1260
SHA-256: 279c089130a3c402f560ef1b3eb3d3fe81494d6a4b9b5b9db038aa699cbddb1f

Release info

Created by: Morbus Iff
Created on: 24 Dec 2010 at 12:58 UTC
Last updated: 24 Dec 2010 at 13:04 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • #937836 and #937820: PostgreSQL and E_STRICT fixes (thanks Shiny).
  • #477596: Fixed regexp error in bot_seen.module (thanks Gurpartap).
  • bot_tell.module can now remind you of things: "BOTNAME: help Reminders?"
  • bot_potpourri.module added (thanks ae1): "BOTNAME: help Timezones?"
  • bot_aggregator.module added (thanks cwgordon7/snufkin). Additions:
    • Configuration has been moved to the feed config form, not our own.
    • Different feeds can now be sent to different channels, based on config.
  • If we receive an error containing "flood", we slow down our sends.
  • If the server or client library receives an error, we'll watchdog it.
  • If a channel bans us, it is now permanently removed from the join list.
  • #648606: Chinese "ni hao" is mis-spelled in greetings (thanks JohnAlbin).
  • Advanced/debugging option added: whether to use real sockets or not.
  • bot_project: fixed broken Trac metadata from ticket/revision exports.
  • bot_project: function lookups now allow dashes in the branch name.
  • irc_bot_cron_faster (one minute) and _fastest (15 seconds) are available.
  • #564524: bot_project now reports comment counts on d.o URLs (thanks killes).
  • bot_tell now accepts :;, after a told nick (thanks webchick).
  • Channels are now joined every 15 seconds instead of at initial connection.
  • Logging checks for channels are now case-insensitive (thanks mozillamonks).
  • #362661: Attempt to GHOST and IDENTIFY on nick clashes (thanks seutje).
  • #380330: Added perms for factoids, karma, and project (thanks lut4rp).
  • #391916: bot_log needed another index for speedier table SELECTs.


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