I am trying to remove the forum title in the last post column. I understand you can change the amount of characters that will display from site configuration/advanced forums # of characters to display for topic title. I don't want to display the topic title it at all in the last post column, and its driving me nuts trying to figure out how to remove it.

I would like to keep the by username and date.

Im not sure if this gets addressed in the module tpl.php file or within views...?

Any point in the right direction would be much appreciated!!


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anyone care to assist?

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whats the point in posting an issue if no one ever replies? Truly losing faith in this community :(

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You posted this last night. I am one person, working on this module for free, in my extremely limited spare time. If me getting Christmas ready for me two young children taking precedence over answering your support request causes you to lose faith in the community, I seriously suggest you re-think. I happen to be very active in my queues and answer things as much as I possibly can. You're going to be in for a shock in many other queues if you think 12 hours is too long to wait for free support.

To answer your question so I can mark this "fixed" rather than simply "annoyed", this is the file that controls that column.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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It helped me in removing the title.The exact location is below
Comment the title label in the above file and keep a backup before you deploy