I used to create few custom breadcrumbs with the same content type. One of them is general, the other two are using PHP snippet. The order I create as below

[page with PHP snippet]
[page with PHP snippet]

I found those two breadcrumbs using PHP snippet do not work as their order are order than the general one. There is no any function to change the order. So I have to remove the general ordered at top and re-create. So after that, the new order is:

[page with PHP snippet]
[page with PHP snippet]

Then all custom breadcrumbs work perfectly. I think it is better to add a function to change the order.


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I have a similar problem, but my issue involves views.

I have a view with a display with an argument and its path is events/[yyyy].
I have another display in the same view with no arguments and its path is events/this-week.

I've created the custom_breadcrumbs for both displays and they are resolved in this order.
So, the first display resolves as Events->2010, but the second resolves as Events -> [yyyy] instead of Events -> This week.

I would expect this using path based breadcrumbs, but not using views and displays.

If I create the breadcrumbs in the reverse order, we have the same problem.
If I create the displays in the reverse order, we have the same problem.

Anyone having the same issue?

I fixed it by adding a path based breadcrumb, enabling the weight of breadcrumbs modules, and setting path based breadcrumbs before views breadcrumbs. It is an ugly workaround but works for me.

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Title: Add sort order function » Add feature to adjust breadcrumb priority
Version: 6.x-1.5 » 6.x-2.x-dev
Assigned: twodogdog » Unassigned

I think this must be a feature request for the 6.x-2.x version.