Download wysiwyg-6.x-2.2.tar.gztar.gz 113.51 KB
MD5: b8ac6fcda4356d136b0251b721da597d
SHA-1: ce2ca76133f84b3b808872e16f5491ed589b69cc
SHA-256: 7cd004b6cd0a8ef9e59f612f494802b938bcb5a88b5b60571549682388f58226
Download wysiwyg-6.x-2.2.zipzip 163.02 KB
MD5: 11312176b65a80ca403718081ecacd2a
SHA-1: 270ae3618b57f60db46ea4789e328593d7827950
SHA-256: 7d6523f67476508cde082b2db829e3d3178f9a377ff35d6e54023c98fcce2722

Release info

Created by: sun
Created on: 20 Dec 2010 at 03:46 UTC
Last updated: 20 Dec 2010 at 03:51 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--2-1:

  • #752516 by nquocbao, sun: Fixed file stream warnings in version callbacks.
  • #753536 by TwoD: Fixed version detection for Whizzywig.
  • #752516 by nquocbao, sun: Fixed openwysiwyg version callback.
  • #824710 by TwoD: CKEditor not disabled upon enabling.
  • #775608 by TwoD: Fixed FCKEditor crashes IE on save.
  • #737318 by dboune: Fixed CKEditor default skin depends on filesystem order.
  • #695398 by RichieB, Cl1mh4224rd, mcpuddin: Fixed TinyMCE detection.
  • #593008 by TwoD: Fixed third-party scripts breaking Wysiwyg.
  • #606952 by TwoD: Fixed inserting content in fullscreen TinyMCE.
  • #715228 by TwoD: Fixed TinyMCE image popups not launching for existing images.
  • #651490 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig width.
  • #715228 by TwoD: Extended comment and improved the Regular Expression.
  • #767628 by TwoD: Fixed 'The version of markItUp could not be detected' error.
  • #781086 by TwoD: Fixed TinyMCE plugin options merged wrongly.
  • #768726 by TwoD: Added TinyMCE AutoResize plugin.
  • #765292 by TwoD: Added TinyMCE WordCount plugin.
  • #907186 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig v60+ compatibility.
  • #922520 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig is not detached properly.
  • #922436 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig Uncaught TypeError in Chrome.
  • #803466 by hotspoons: Fixed TinyMCE image map support in advimage plugin.
  • #855554 by sun: Merged various changes from 3.x into 2.x.
  • #80170 by sun: Changed dialog/plugin API for Inline API compatibility.
  • #679056 by sun, TwoD: Fixed pressing enter in autocomplete detaches editors.
  • #713942 by sun: Fixed jQuery closure breaks OpenWYSIWYG.
  • #755610 by sun, TwoD, BrightBold: Fixed white-space in block formats setting breaks editors.
  • #735624 by sun: Fixed enabling one button removes default editor toolbar.
  • #497654 by TwoD: Fixed Drupal plugins disabled in FCKeditor/WebKit browsers.
  • #713942 by TwoD, sun: Fixed jQuery closure breaks OpenWYSIWYG.
  • #678580 by TwoD, sun: Fixed Drupal.wysiwygAttachToggleLink breaks click events.
  • #735186 by TwoD, torbs: Fixed missing Norwegian language code.
  • #773856 by Roi Danton: Added CSS path and file documentation.
  • #973808 by David_Rothstein: Fixed CKEditor incorrectly formatting the <br> tag.
  • #988200 by sun: Changed static language list to ISO 639 defaults of Drupal core.
  • #767550 by TwoD, sun, ungeek: Fixed invalid API docs and logic for $plugin['filename'].
  • #748888 by TwoD, sun: Fixed isNode() not called in CKEditor.
  • #613944 by TwoD, sun: Fixed data.node not available in CKEditor.


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