This is somewhat of a big task, but the module developer documentation for Drupal 7 needs to be reviewed, including the API section, to see if it needs updates for Drupal 7.

There are already specific issues for the Form API, Field API, and File API. I personally used the Database API section extensively recently, and I think it's fine. But, I'm not sure about the other developer documentation sections that are in the module developers guide and API guide:

I'm not as worried about the doc on -- that is in better shape (and issues on that are in the Drupal core issue queue anyway). This concerns the doc on that programmers use to create modules.


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As a note, if you plan to review a section of the doc:
a) Please comment here about what you are reviewing, so we don't duplicate effort.
b) If you find problems, file issues about them under project Documentation, and tag with "developer" and "d7docs".
c) Then comment back here and let us know your review of that section is done.

Here's a link to Search for open d7/developer issues.

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Reviewed the Drupal 7 module development handbook, nothing is wrong with it (anymore), just needs much more coverage.

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It's good to know that there aren't blatant errors...

"Just needs more coverage" is still something wrong, though. We probably need to compile a list of what is missing, and/or file specific issues with titles like
Add xyz to the d7 module developers guide
These issues should be tagged "developer" and "d7docs" and it would be helpful if links to them were added in comments on this issue.


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There should be a comma after "But" .

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There might still be pieces of this that are still outstanding but they can be given separate issues.

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