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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 23:16

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-0-ALPHA2:

  • Rollback from HEAD (#897362): Fixed various user texts.
  • Updated Hungarian translation
  • #919156 by EugenMayer: Fixed Available updates not recognized.
  • #916894 by Sutharsan: Fixed Unable to download previously enabled languages.
  • #917036 by thePanz, Sutharsan: Fixed Store downloaded files do not validate path
  • #947262 by thePanz: Fixed Translation settings menu isn't displayed
  • #975952 by Sutharsan: Various documentation and code style fixes.
  • #857442 by Thomas_Zahreddin, Sutharsan: Duplicate column name 'status' at install
  • #971462 by Sutharsan: Fixed Undefined variable: status in l10n_update_source_history().
  • #972100 by Sutharsan: Fixed Wrong parameters in unused batch functions and other minor fixes.
  • #972070 by Sutharsan: Fixed Module will not work in php 4
  • #980516 by beltofte: Fixed Parse error in l10n_update.api.php
  • #992622 by myself: update l10n_update for l10n_client changes
  • #983226 by Sutharsan: delete variables on uninstall
  • #937298 by grootte, Sutharsan, -redShadow-, myself: check if the database prefix is string for simpletest compatibility
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