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Your system configuration does not currently support this feature. The handbook page on Clean URLs has additional troubleshooting information.

The problem can be solved by editing the .htaccess file: Just uncomment the line "# RewriteBase /" by removing the leading "#", save the file and reload the "Clean URLs" page in the administration interface. Now you should be able to enable the "Clean URLs" feature.
If you now have the problem that some images are not shown you will have to use the absolute paths of the images e.g. "/myfolder/image1.png" instead of "myfolder/image1.png".

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Tamela’s picture

I resell hosting, so all my sites are on the same server and they all have clean urls with no problems. Suddenly I have a site that is giving me this "does not currently support this feature" error for clean urls. My .htaccess file is empty, so I can't make the above changes.

I am using Drupal. 6.20
Apache 2.2

But as I said, all my other sites are running Clean URLs, though most of them are running Drupal 6.19.

Any ideas?

sneha.suryawanshi’s picture

Perfect. Thanks!

manish23’s picture

Yes , I have install drupal in subfolder but its clean url was not working.Then I tweak with .htaccess file by comment the "RewriteBase /" to this "#RewriteBase /". And the upload it.