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Drupal Newsletter, Summer 2008

Summer 2008

As Drupal 6 matures, we are entering an exciting time for its users and developers. Content Construction Kit (CCK) and Views 2 both have release candidates, and most of your favorite modules have either already been upgraded, or are well on their way. This summer has seen a lot of activity, such as the nearly 20 projects of the Google Summer of Code, and there are great things planned, such as the highly anticipated Drupalcon Szeged. We have seen two Drupal books published by Packt, with a third on the way, and Lullabot released the first DVD of their new Lullabot Learning Series.

Read on for a quick overview of the Drupal News and upcoming events!

Drupal Newsletter - February 2008 - Drupal 6 and Beyond

Letter from the Editor

We've all been waiting for it! After a year of development, Drupal 6 has finally been released. The general consensus among developers is that once CCK (nearly done) and Views (in progress) are complete, it will be ready for deployment on most sites. A large number of contributed modules depend on these two workhorses, which is why large chunks of CCK have been moved to core, and there is ongoing discussion around moving parts of Views there as well. Meanwhile, with Drupal 6 off their plates, developers are working around the clock to get your favorite modules ready for launch.

Boston DrupalCon is also around the corner. It would probably be enticing enough to attend just to hear Dries Buytaert's highly anticipated State of Drupal address (see last year's). But we have three stellar keynote speakers (Dries Buytaert, the original developer of Drupal; Chris Dibona, the open source program manager at Google; and Brian Aker, the director of architecture for MySQL) this year, and dozens of amazing presentations to choose from to create a rock solid line up.

With nearly a hundred volunteers, the Drupal Newsletter Team is committing itself to continue to bring high quality news and announcements from the world of Drupal. I have recently stepped up as an editor to help organize the effort, and we invite you to be part of this fantastic and dynamic group. March's newsletter is already in progress, so if you want to help contribute to that issue or join on an on-going basis, feel free to join us. We'd love to see your name in the bylines. As a sidenote, the Newsletter Team is also looking for a Druplicon mascot. We have a competition open at, for any aspiring artists!

Drupal Newsletter January, 2008 - Boston Drupalcon, Hottest New Modules, Resources and more

Last year was one of the most exciting years for Drupal. We saw Drupal 5 mature into the powerful engine that it now is, and have spent the last few months anxiously awaiting the release of Drupal 6. The user base of has grown exponentially, to about 250,000 registered members presently, with about a thousand new users registering every day. The Drupal Association is positioning itself as a leader for the Drupal community, and has recently held its first General Assembly.

The Drupal newsletter - June, 2007

Welcome to the June 2007 issue of the Drupal Newsletter! We've restructured how the newsletter is written, and moved everything to a much-more-public wiki at Drupal Groups, we hope you'll come over and contribute to the next issues :o). Elsewhere, the Drupal code freeze for version 6 has been delayed by 4 weeks, now at July 1st; developers everywhere have just started complaining about not having enough time, now they have to finish those patches!

Enough talk, the next issue of the Drupal Newsletter starts.......right now.

Drupal Newsletter for April, 2006

Welcome to Spring! Welcome to warmer days, green grass, BBQ season, days at the beach, picnics and Drupal 4.7. Yup, that's right Drupal 4.7. Now, before you go scouring for a link to the tarballs, let me warn you, there are none, yet. (for those of you on the opposite side of the globe, who will soon be up to your ears in snow, we sympathize, we're just beginning to feel our ears again up here :) ).

Thanks to the feverish work of many Drupal developers Drupal 4.7 should be released shortly, and all the hyped-about features, the AJAX, the better caching; all that Drupalistic goodness, will be yours.

In the Dev Zone of this issue (yeah, we changed section names again...) Karoly (aka. chx) has outlined his list of the top new developers who made this release possible, but this is no where near a complete list. On behalf of the Drupal community we thank every person who gave a line of code or a good suggestion, filed a bug report or said a kind word to the developers. Without you, well, there probably wouldn't be a 4.7.

I'd also like to thank all those that responded to the frontpage post asking for articles and personal experiences; thanks to the great response we have enough articles to begin on our next issue as well! As always, we still want to hear from you. Drop us a line at the official contact form. Read on for the complete Drupal Newsletter!


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