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Saving time and money for the Drupal community

The Drupal Association Engineering Team aides faster, less expensive Drupal development, and improves our infrastructure and site security for the benefit of everyone.

Meet the Drupal Association At-Large Board Member Candidates

From now through March 4, meet the candidates for the At-Large Community Board Elections. Read their candidate profile page, watch their short video, and get ready to vote in the voice that best represents you.

Doing our part for the community

We take a closer look at the ways the Drupal Association Engineering Team delivers value by leading the documentation system migration and enabling Drupal contribution.

Drupal Association membership campaign: February 20 to March 8 is home of the Drupal project and community. The Engineering Team— along with amazing community webmasters— keeps alive and well.

DrupalCon Vienna Program Changes

It is our goal at The Drupal Association to be sustainable, so we can deliver on our mission for years to come. In 2016 we reorganized to achieve this goal, which moved us into healthier financial waters. However, we still have work to do.

After financial analysis, we can see that some programs sustain themselves and some do not. The good news is, most do. Unfortunately, DrupalCon Europe often does not. In the past, we’ve taken a loss because DrupalCon Europe is an important way in which we serve the community. Now, with renewed focus on our financial health, we need to rethink how we achieve this event in a more sustainable way. Industry Pages Are Live!

We are excited to announce that the first three industry pages are now live on, highlighting the power of Drupal solutions in higher education, government and media/publishing.

What's new on - January 2017

In January we expanded the contributions recognized in the marketplace, performed user research for the upcoming industry pages, and made a wealth of improvements to DrupalCI.

So long, and thanks for all the issues

I am happy and sad to share the news today that I am leaving the Drupal Association for an exciting new adventure.

Call for Design Partners

The Drupal Association is seeking a design partner for creative, graphic and website design services for a new DrupalCon brand. We're looking for people who understand the Drupal community, Drupal the project, software innovation, and our extreme nerdiness - and know how to turn these things into compelling designs that are functional, fun, and make people look twice. 

Main Deliverables