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Shortcuts and Friendly URLs for Issues

Drupal developers have been shouting node id numbers across tables at sprints for almost 15 years now. The Drupal Association has added some shortcuts and friendly urls for issues to make this a little easier.

An update on the Media Initiative for Drupal 8.4/8.5

The Media Library work uses the new Media API in core. Now that the new Media API landed in Drupal 8.4 we can start focusing more on the Media Library.

5 Steps to Get Your Drupal Site Multilingual Ready

More organizations are going to prioritize making their Drupal websites multilingual, so we’ve created a handy checklist to help you get ready.

Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary - 28 September, 2017

This blog post centers around the Drupal Association improvements in response to this summer’s Community Discussions findings.

Status of Speaker Agreement Violation

Our community does amazing things together and they deserve to have the best working environment for collaboration. At the Drupal Association, we strive to create these open and collaborative environments at DrupalCon and on

We recently became aware that a community member violated our speaker agreement at DrupalCon.

What's new on - September 2017

The team is back from DrupalCon Vienna with some great updates for the month.

Drupal looking to adopt React

Project Founder Dries Buytaert discusses adding React.js as a modern javascript framework to Drupal core.

Progress on the Salesforce Suite for D8 and a Call for Participation

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