Drupal 8.1.10 released

Drupal 8.1.10, a maintenance release which contains fixes for security vulnerabilities, is now available for download.

Can Drupal outdo native applications?

Can open web applications, like those powered by Drupal, ever match up to the user experience exemplified by native applications?

What's new on Drupal.org? - August 2016

Our latest update comes as the Drupal Association has gone to a 100% distributed team. A new home page is coming soon, and we're paving the way.

Drupal 8.2.0-rc1 is available for testing

Who sponsors Drupal development?

Scaling open source projects in a sustainable manner is difficult. We believe the Drupal community has a shared responsibility to build Drupal.

Documentation overhaul

Preparations for the complete overhaul of the documentation tools on Drupal.org were in the works for quite some time. Find out what is changing.


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