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Goodbye Project Applications, Hello Security Advisory Opt-in

Any user on who has accepted our Git usage policy may now create full projects with releases. This is a big change in policy for the Drupal project, representing an evolution of the contribution ecosystem in the past half a decade.

Making Drupal upgrades easy forever

In an ideal world, we'll be able to innovate fast yet provide a smooth learning curve and upgrade path for the next major release of Drupal. We believe we've found a way to do both!

DrupalCon Baltimore: Learn how to delight your customers

Join us at DrupalCon Baltimore from April 24-28 for a week of inspiration, networking, and learning. Meet Drupal experts and industry leaders who will share new ways to create digital experiences that delight customers, citizens, students, patients, and more.

What’s new on - February 2017

In February we launched the industry pages, made huge progress on the project application revamp, added coding standards checking to DrupalCI, and much more.

Request for Information: Drupal Association seeks Infrastructure Services vendor

The Drupal Association seeks a Infrastructure Services vendor to manage critical infrastructure for the open-source Drupal project. While internal Drupal Association staff will continue to manage the sites and services that the Drupal Association maintains, we will rely on this partner to maintain the underlying infrastructure. We are interested both in partners who offer comprehensive datacenter and infrastructure services, as well as partners who would offer systems administration consulting on our existing hardware.

Porting Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8

The big move to Drupal 8 presents many challenges and opportunities to developers community. Naturally, we like new things and meddling with code. But we also don't want leave behind what worked well in D7. In this blog, I investigated porting modules from D7 to D8 and tested my approach on a simple use case. 

As I wanted to explore Drupal 8 a bit more, and especially module development, I wanted to update a very simple module to Drupal 8. 

The full circle of Drupal adoption

The Association Engineering Team supports people at different stages in the Drupal adoption journey. Here's a look at where the team brings people full circle.

It's Time To Vote - Community Elections

Voting is now open for the 2017 At-Large Board positions for the Drupal Association!  If you haven't yet, check out the candidate profiles including their short videos found on the profile pages. Get to know your candidates, and then get ready vote.

Cast Your Vote!

Saving time and money for the Drupal community

The Drupal Association Engineering Team aides faster, less expensive Drupal development, and improves our infrastructure and site security for the benefit of everyone.