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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

About NavigationArts

NavigationArts is a professional consulting firm providing expert services in web and application design and development. We apply the strategies and tools of user experience design to optimize the usability and value of our clients’ online enterprises. Our expertise lies in web strategy, user experience design, and technology strategy and implementation. We embrace the relationship between design and technology, ensuring that our design can be effectively delivered within the technology platform. We assemble highly experienced, cross-functional teams from analytical, creative, and technical backgrounds to reach shared goals.

NavigationArts is an Enterprise Select partner with Acquia.


At NavigationArts we believe that user experience is the only sustainable competitive advantage a business can employ in the online world today. Maintaining that competitive advantage means constantly monitoring, evaluating, and improving the user experience. Users and their needs evolve daily; so must the systems that engage them. Our mission is to create online experiences that are satisfying for our users and valuable for our clients.


We recognize that the success of any online system lies in the quality of the experiences it delivers to users. As we design and build each online experience, we listen closely to the needs of the users. In many ways, we assume the role of user advocate, seeking to better understand users' goals and unmet needs. Drawing on the expertise and talent of our usability professionals, we are able to focus user research across a system’s design and development lifecycle to ensure the highest levels of user satisfaction and value for our clients’ brands.


Since our inception, we have grown quickly, enjoying a compound annual growth rate of 45%. We currently employ over 100 staff members organized into five centers of excellence: Strategy, User Research, User Experience Design, Content Management, and Technology Implementation. The company recruits best-of-breed talent in strategy, design, and emerging technologies to exceed the expectations of our clients and ourselves.

NavigationArts is an LLC led by two general partners, Leo Mullen and Ted Smith, both former executives at Iconixx, a prominent national web design company. As CEO, Leo Mullen provides business leadership for the company and strategic advisory services to many of our largest client engagements. As COO, Ted Smith manages the day-to-day operations, ensuring adherence to schedules, budgets, quality performance thresholds, and maintaining the overall dynamic across the creative and technology skill sets that we offer.

Drupal contributions

NavigationArts is committed to supporting and contributing back to the Drupal community. We sponsor events, including DrupalCon and local Drupal Camps, speak at events, contribute code, and write about Drupal on our blog. We are members of the Drupal association, attend meet-ups, and do everything we can to support the Drupal ecosystem.
Some of our efforts include: