Is it time to take your website to new levels? There are thousands of Drupal add-on modules available to meet the needs of almost every website. If you can't find a module that meets your exact requirements you can customize existing modules, or you can build your own modules and contribute them to the project for others to use.

Modules can help you:

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Getting started

This page assumes you have already successfully installed Drupal. If you want to know how to download and install Drupal and set up your local environment, check out the installation guide.

Module basics

A module is a collection of functions that link into Drupal, providing additional functionality for your Drupal Installation.

Creating a module

Okay, you've read all about modules, understand the basic requirements, and want to create a module...let's get started.

Maintaining your module

Maintaining a project on means more than just uploading your code. This section of the documentation covers best practices for being a successful maintainer of a contributed module.

Co-maintaining modules

If you are already maintaining a project and would like to collaborate with other members of the community, you could team up with a co-maintainer.

Upgrading your module to Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is coming soon. The following resources will help you decide when and how to upgrade custom and contributed modules.


Additional resources

Here are a few different ways to find the module that meets your needs.


Additional Resource Guides and Informational Pages

Here are some links to more Resource Guides and Informational Pages.


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