Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Uikit Slideshow

Uikit slideshow with navigation thumbs

This is a Views Plugin that provides a lightweight slideshow with thumbnail navigation. It requires Uikit, which has been adapted for Drupal 8 in the Uikitty base theme. The module comes with a view definition and an image style for out-of-the-box implementation.

FullCalendar Persistent


This module makes FullCalendar rendering persistent with regards to views
(i.e. a cookie is remembered for the user's FullCalendar view's
defaultView and/or starting date)

This is useful when you have exposed filters for a FullCalendar view and
would like the FullCalendar to not only retain the exposed filters (in
the settings of the view) but would also like the FullCalendar to show
the at the same spot of the FullCalendar (Month/Week/Day view) and
starting date.

Views Row Parity

This module provides a views field that returns the result row's parity ("odd" or "even"). This can be used with other modules in order to output parity specific things. For example, using the Views Conditional module, you can output a layout (or set of fields) specific to "odd" rows and a different one for "even" rows.

This is basically a clone version or the views_row_counter that is now returning the parity instead of counting the rows.

Views Extras (Session/Cookie/Token Support)

Views extra modules provide extra arguments for contextual filters based on session, cookie or token. This extends filter functionality to pass cookie, session variable or token as argument to views.

Views Extras allows to create views that accept arguments from session, cache or token. As of now, module provides following type of arguments:

Menu Entity Index

The Menu Entity Index module builds and maintains an index of Menu Link Content entities and their referenced entities. It also provides some basic Views integration for Menu Link Content entities.


A simpler version of sna_blocks that doesn't do filtering and works with panels panes.


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