Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Views Menu Node Children Filter

This module adds a contextual filter to Views that will retrieve a node's child nodes according to a menu's structure.

Example scenario

Create a view of nodes that are direct children of a specific node in the Main menu tree.


Entity reference view formatter

This module provides a field formatter for entity references that reference views. It executes and renders the referenced view.

This module is for Drupal 8 only.

Task Pledge

View with Task Pledge field

Add pledge tracking per user to a set of tasks. A user can pledge to do a task or mark a task as completed, or just skip that task. The pledging status is stored per user for each task.

The tasks are displayed in a view. To add pledge status, add the "Task Pledge" field to the view. When the view is displayed, a set of radio buttons will be shown in each row. The user can change the settings and click Save.

This module could be generalized into storing arbitrary per-user data per node.

Views Parity Row


This module provide a new Row Style Plugin for Views.

It allows you to alternate the view mode used to render the row. You can configure when it starts, when it ends and when to switch view mode (frequency).

With Drupal 7, if the module Entity API is enabled, this will be available for all kind of entities.
With Drupal 8, you do not need Entity API, it's already based on entities.


Views GeoJSON Drupal 8

Port of Views GeoJSON to Drupal 8.

Filterable views filter

Adds a select form element to control the visibility of exposed filters.

The filterable exposed filter module adds an exposed form style. Install the module as usual there are no external dependencies except views obviously. In a view change the exposed form style settings to ‘Filters for exposed filter’

Filters will only be hidden if no default value is set. (non required filter)


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