Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Entityreference views

Expands the default views entity selection plugin to also be able to autocreate entities.

How to use

Install the module
Select "Views: Filter by an entity reference view with autocreate" in the entity reference field settings.

Other View Filter

Select content: other views result from the filters list.

Frequently two views, or two displays of one view, occur on the page together. One common example is a listing of content with a few curated items selected via more specific criteria. It's simple enough to create two displays and show the curated one above the general listing. This presents a problem: content that appears in the curated list needs to somehow be excluded from the general listing.

Views Responsive Table using table saw plugin

This module provides integration for the jQuery Tablesaw plugin for creating responsive tables. The Tablesaw plugin allows wide tables to appear as usual on large displays but on smaller screens it can hide certain columns within swiping rows.
Note : It will work for responsive theme

Installation instructions in Drupal 7

1. Download the tablesaw library from

SearchAPI View Modes

This module adds support to index multiple view mode renderings on an entity, instead of just one.


There is very little to configuring this module. Enabling it will add a new data alteration callback in an index called "Multiple entity views". Select all the view modes in its option list for the indexed entity. When processing the data, SearchAPI will render the entity item in each view mode, storing the rendered HTML as an item in your indexed record.


Views fields comparison

Views fields comparison

Provide custom views plugin for filter by fields comparison.
In drupal 7 views this feature exist, but in Drupal 8 it does not exist.


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