Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Media Entity Usage

Media Entity Usage is a module which allows content editors to check if some media is referenced in another entity. At it own it does nothing besides providing additional page to review references and providing views field to use at media administration view that shows references counter.

Media Entity Usage has 2 submodules that collects information about references.

  • MEU Node - collects information about referencing nodes
  • MEU Paragraphs - collects information about referencing paragraphs and its parent entities

Views integration for Panels tables

Adds Views integration for Panels tables so that you can create Views that include information from Panels!


json feed logo

Extends Views to provide a JSON Feed (an alternative or supplement to RSS or Atom) display plugin.

JSON Feed example feed output:

Views Select Sort

When Using a select list in an entity, sometimes it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to order in a particular way based on the values of the select list. This module provides the ability to change the "weight" of each select list option and sort within the view. The order is customized per view so the output of the contents can be different for each view.

In a node I have the select field with options:

Views user fields

Allows to expose the fields selection to output on a given view display. This is, in particular, useful in combination with the 'View data export' module.

Contextual views

A module that provides contextual views blocks.

See the module README for more information.

Development happens at Github, refer to the README for contribution guidelines.
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