Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal administrators to control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. There are various views add on's that should be added here.

Views Ajax Overlay


A small views plugin which allows site administrators to add loading overlays to their views. By default ajax-enabled views use the default Drupal throbber which is only visible next to the element that triggers the AJAX callback. This module tries to improve that behavior by adding an overlay to the content that is being updated.

Views Scroll

Settings in Views

Views Scroll does two things.

  1. Sets the last added view row class as id for each row in a html list.
  2. Implements smooth scrolling between anchors.


  • Activate the module
  • Set an unique attribute as the last row class for the view

Views Alpha Pagination

The Alpha Pagination for Views module enables you to add an alphabetical menu in the header or footer of a views display.

This module exists thanks to the support of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities and UNC and was created as part of the Symposiac Conference Platform.


Install the Alpha Pagination module.


Views geofield raw

Alternative field handler for using geofields as data sources in maps.

When a view contains Field API fields, their field handler will load the field's corresponding entities, which might not be desirable if the map contains many points.

This field handler prevents loading the entities associated with the geofield, and can thus give dramatic performance improvements, providing no other field in the view will load the entity.

Created for use with leaflet_views. Not tested on anything else.

Data Manipulate UI

Data Manipulation UI provides a graphical user interface for interacting with tables managed by the Data module.

This utilizes the "jqxGrid" jQuery plugin through the jQWidgets library toolset. It comes with an access-controlled AJAX interface to make client-side data changes immediately write to the table server-side.

Also included is the "data_manipulate_access" module, which will allow you to assign individual users access to manipulate the data in your Data Manipulation UI tables as needed.


Provides a new field type that allows user to create lists of content as part of an entity.


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