Entity Type Composite

Provides the ability to create custom entity types that are composed of a set of common re-usable components.

Field Override

Field Override module.

Scrambler Webform

Scrambler Webform allows fields from Webform module to be added into the Scrambler mechanism.

Modules Checklist

Modules Checklist

Modules Checklist

The Modules Checklist module provides and maintains control over enabled and disabled modules of the project.

The Modules Checklist compares enabled modules with the lists of required and optional modules defined in settings.php.

It warns site administrator on the Status report page in case of any discrepancy between defined lists of modules and their actual status.

It also warns if user is trying to disable required module or enable the module which should be disabled.

It can send email to site administrator if required module has been disabled, uninstalled, enabled or installed by someone.

Modules Checklist log

Modules Checklist log

The Modules Checklist log records in database who has installed / enabled / disabled / uninstalled a module on the site.

The log is a chronological list of recorded events containing

  1. module name,
  2. module status (required, optional or disabled),
  3. action type on module (installed, enabled, disabled, uninstalled),
  4. username and IP address,
  5. date.

Administrator should check the log on a regular basis to ensure his site is working properly.


Workbench Revision Cleanup

Bulk Processing Form

The Workbench Revision Cleanup module helps to clean up the revisions for a site utilizing the Workbench Moderation module. This module helps to ensure the current drafts, which are newer than the published node, are not removed during a revision cleanup. All drafts newer than the current, published node are not considered for revision deletion.

There are 2 methods to trim the revisions:


Patches welcome!

CSV to Fields will import field structure from a csv spreadsheet. A number of existing column handlers exist and it is trivial (imho) to write a custom one for your needs. Currently this module supports the following columns:


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