Browser refresh nodeJS integration

Simple utility to integrate browser-refresh nodeJS module so that a browser with a Drupal site refreshes just styles or images if any of them change locally during development.


Wget Static - Generate HTML and Save To FTP

Wget Static Module integrates wget application installed on server with drupal. The module provides you option to generate static HTML of node page, any drupal internal path or whole website using wget application from drupal itself and then that static HTML can either be downloaded or can be saved to remote FTP location.

Wget Static Module provides you handful of options for generation of static HTML as provided by default wget application also.




YAML editor

This module loads an Ace editor for all textarea with data-yaml-editor attribute.



When you need an editor for your YAML files add a data-yaml-editor to you textarea like this:


Tiara Bower Manager

Manages frontend dependencies with Bower.

It provides 2 commands

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Working with SVG in Drupal 8 just got easier :)

You can create issues and pull requests on Github.

Tiara Bower

Bower is a package manager for Javascript libraries that allows you to define, version, and retrieve your dependencies. This project allows use of Bower from Drush. It's using BowerPHP instead of the node.js version.

The idea for this project is stolen from Composer.


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