Scroll Depth Analytics

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A Google Analytics plugin for measuring page scrolling

Scroll Depth is a small Google Analytics plugin that lets you measure how far users are scrolling. It monitors the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points, sending a Google Analytics Event for each one. You can also track when specific elements on the page are scrolled into view.

The plugin provides native support for Universal Analytics, Classic Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, and can be used with any analytics service that supports events.

Simple Content Recommendation Engine

Simple Content Recommendation Engine is a powerful module for Drupal that will allow you to display a list of related content on your website.

The recommended content list will be based on the tags of content which makes them more relevant and more likely to be of interest to site visitor. This will allow us to retain visitors, reduce bounce rates and refresh old entries.

Features in pipeline -

  • Option to select styles between thumbnail included post or a simple text display
  • Inline Related Posts


Twig Renderable

Provides a Twig extension to work with render arrays.


  • will_have_output('path', 'to', 'render', 'array')


  • add_class(string|array $class)
  • merge_attributes(array|\Drupal\Core\Template\Attribute $attributes)


Universal queue

Universal queue

This module provides developers a possibility to execute some custom
functionality by Drupal queue. This module can be helphful if you have some
pretty heavy actions, but don't want to create a special queue for every such

Usage examples
1. Postponed node deletion

universal_queue_add_item('node_delete', array('nid' => 123)); 

2. Postponed file downloading


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