Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a configurable module that lets you set a calendar (days and active hours) and receive reservations requests for the available dates, for different offices.

Staging Widget

The Staging Site Widget is a module that overlays a floating (and position configurable), easily identifiable box over your website. This allows you to easily identify a development or staging website from your production one.

This module is very similar to the Environment Indicator in that it displays an overlay. The difference is that this one creates a smaller widget.

Preprocess Event

This module adds an event dispatcher to the preprocess hook. This way
your modules can subscribe to preprocess events to add extra functionality. This will advocate a more event driven development instead of the old hook function based development.


Lory logo

Lory is a touch enabled minimalistic slider written in vanilla JavaScript.

Easy Timezone Select

The Easy Timezone Select module tames the overwhelming experience of selecting a timezone in Drupal.

It does this by placing the most common options (currently US options) at the top of the list, followed by the remaining World options. Future development might make these options configurable, if there's demand (and corresponding patches for review).

Just enable this module and the following timezone fields work magically:


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