Git Clone

What this module does

Clones, manages and synchronizes a specific git repository reference from a remotely hosted git repository. This allows the cloned repository references to be consumed in a Drupal environment. Consumers of cloned git repositories are tools that perform certain functions like parsing or building from several repository references.

An example of a consumer: the API module


Developer Notes

The Developer notes module will allow a site Admin to create and manage "Pass Along" type notes to others with the correct permissions. This will create a content type and a block that will be used to add and display notes for admin users. These notes have a multitude of use cases such as - Noting changes to the .htaccess file, Patches to Modules, Hacks to code, and General Gotchas.

Adapt Core

A collection of modules used for nearly all websites created at Adapt A/S
Also supplies a sound basic configuration for the included modules.

All development happens on github!

WordPress Menu

This is a Drupal module for replacing the existing toolbar / admin_toolbar menu modules with a much more styled and usable interface, which WordPress uses. This module contains initial navigation links, as well as utilizes standard Drupal hooks to preprocess the data to anything you need. This module solves a large problem very simply, use a tried and true menu/navigation.

Installation Instructions

NOTE: This module conflicts with the core toolbar module and it is recommended to uninstall that module.


Git deploy dependents

This module is very similar to Git Deploy. It requires it, uses it, and adds version information to projects checked out of git. But unlike Git Deploy it process only projects on which others depend.

What does this mean? The module's purpose is to acquire versions of modules which must be of known versions to get other modules installed.

Emuge Mail [emugemail] v1.0.0.0

Module system for managing html emails generated by the Emuge website. This module must provide an API for existing modules to send email with attachments, inline html, and/or auto sending.


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