This namespace will host a GraphQL implementation. This implementation will initially contain an adapter for READ and WRITE operations.

For further information regarding GraphQL and Relay please refer to these blog posts:


Dummy links

More coming soon...


Integration with chat system.

Uses the Glip API for 'integrations' to allow Drupal to post messages to a discussion thread of your choice.

Via watchdog:

Configured through your logging settings at /admin/config/development/logging , you can tell glip to only notify you of events of a certain severity or type.

Via Rules:

You can add a glip message as a rules action to be triggered and configured according to conditions of your choosing.

Webform Request Tracker

Request Tracker is a perl based ticketing system. Webform Request Tracker creates tickets from webform form submissions.

Support for the 4.x webform modules has not been tested.



Mosaic is an different approach to maintaining and displaying content in a Drupal website. In order to start explaining what Mosaic is all about, I'll try to explain how it works:

A pane is the surface on which all content is rendered on. It's basically a block that is converted to a grid.

A tile is one of the small rectangles rendered inside a panes. At this moment only text is rendered on tiles but in the future we'll add media, views, entities, menus and many more. Feel free to suggest in the issues queue.

CloudFront Refresh


This module allows sites using CloudFront as a CDN to send 'Invalidate' requests for nodes that have been updated when the site cache is cleared. This helps get around CloudFront's 3 active Invalidation request limit and to cut down on the total file invalidations (CF charges for > 3000). E.g., a node can be edited multiple times but only invalidated once when the cache is cleared.

It also supplies a form that can be used to manually specify URLs to be invalidated (e.g. a PDF file's content was changed but name didn't, and the like).


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