Geocoder ArcGIS

Provides a CTools plugin for the Geocoder module that translates an address to a geolocation by using ArcGIS.

Dropbox Share

Whitelabel Dropbox for mass distribution.

We've used a few of the other Dropbox modules, but none have been capable of handling our large scale projects.
This module aims to provide solid mass file distribution for both private and public needs.



The Clipboard.js module provides integration with the clipboard.js library, which allows non-flash based clipboard copying using the HTML5 Clipboard API.


CSS Injector import

CSS Injector import

Import CSS Injector rules from production to pre-production environments in one click.

As a developer I would like to have a functionality to import CSS Injector rules from production environment to pre-production environments by 1-click-action. Right now CSS Injector rules cannot be exported/imported using "BackUp & migrate" module or DB update from production. It can be imported only using copy-paste method, which can take some time. And this module created to solve issue with manual copy-paste work.

Excel data export

Welcome to Excel data export. This module gives you access to a form in which you can choose which node type and corresponding field data you want placed onto an excel datasheet.

Simple Login

Hello [user] -- log out.

Drupal ships with a user login block, but it's a little heavy for a lot of projects I work on. It includes the login form itself, and that's kind of a pain to style and might not have been considered in the initial design phase of the project. What I often need is just a more simple "Hello [user], Logout" link, or - in the case that user hasn't logged in yet, a simple "Login or Create Account" link.


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