Better News Feed

Better News Feed, allows you to create a block with different feeds.

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather is a responsive weather block.

View Own Unpublished

View Own Unpublished

Note: I created this module for a project in which I needed this, but probably I won't need it again so I hope there is someone who can take over maintenance. The code is pretty trivial though, it should keep working as long as the Drupal permissions API doesn't change.

Relation UUID

Provides integration between Relation and UUID modules.

Doesn't provide any functionality on it's own and should be installed only if required by another module.

Modules depending on it:


Bootstrap Add Breakpoints

This module adds current breakpoint (xs,sm,md,lg) as body class depending on viewport width. Requires Bootstrap 3 theme or subtheme.

Multi Value Field Overrides

Settings added for fields with multiple values by MVFO

Ever found yourself wanting to get rid of some of the basic functionality that Drupal automatically adds to mutli-value fields, such as draggable handles, header row, or even add more button?

How to use

  • Download and enable the module as per normal.
  • From the "Manage Fields" screen, edit the field in question.
  • Assuming the field can have multiple values, you should see a fieldset titled "Multi value overrides"
  • Use the checkboxes to disable behaviors from this field.

Currently Offered Overrides


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