In-Place File Replace

file_replace screenshot

Sometimes an editor just needs to replace a file, nothing more and nothing less.

This utility module offers the ability for managed files (file and image field files) to be replaced without changing the path to the file and without the need for additional admin and editorial interfaces. It adds a "Replace" option on each file field widget that triggers a simple modal file replace upload form via AJAX. The replacement file assumes the exact same path, physical file name and file ID as the original. Any validation rules enforced by the file field are also re-enforced for the replacement.

Divas Cookies

This is the porting to Drupal of Divas Cookies jquery script by Coding Diva

Divas Cookies is:

EU Cookie Law Policy Banner
for jQuery, WordPress and Prestashop

The quickest and most elegant solution to add a banner compliant with EU Cookie Policy. Block scripts with simple helpers. Easily and fully customizable to get the look & feel of any website.
The only EU Cookie Policy banner plugin natively ready for translations!


Bot Redmine

This module is a plugin for the Bot module, allowing your bot to lookup Redmine issues.

To communicate with Redmine, this module relies on the Redmine REST API module for the integration.


Everyday Tools

Everyday Tools for Drupal 7

The Everyday Tools module houses functions that are useful in every Drupal build that requires
some degree of development. The functions range from string manipulation to theme helpers.

Accessing through a Drupal

All functions in this module are prepended with everyday_tools_ so not to confuse with out of the box Drupal functions

This module is split in to 7 distinct areas:

Block I18n Config

This module provides API that should help with integrating your custom block configuration with i18n, so it will be translatable on block "translate" page just like the block title.

This module is for developers, you need to register your custom block property with hook_block_i18n_config_info(), to see how to do this, see the file: .



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