Advanced Update

Advanced Update - Drupal console command


The Advanced Update module provide a simple way to apply updates and migrations without using the update module of Drupal.


Problems of using the core update module in a Drupal project:


Field Location

Create a field

This module provides the Location field with map and an autocomplete for locations (Google Map API). With described tools you're able to instantly find a location and draw a polygon - its coordinates will be the value of a field.

The module depends on Google Maps Instances and provides an example instance which can be used for a field.


Google Maps Instances

Google Maps instances overview

This module provides the configuration entity which is needed for creating dynamic instances of the Google Maps JavaScript API.


$element['#attached']['library'][] = googlemaps_library($field->getSetting('googlemaps_library'));


Compare role permissions

Some times we want to compare the permissions between the roles while debugging issues.

Using this module now its easy.

If you want to promote this module as a full project please review on

Drupal Planet Feeds Block

drupal planet feeds block

This module creates a block which shows the latest feeds from the drupal planet, based on the number of feeds requested.

Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.

Visit admin/structure/block, place the 'Planet Block' in any region, by entering how mnay feeds to be displayed in the block.



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