Webform FillPDF Helper

A *very* small helper module to make it easy to link a single Webform (4.x) to a FillPDF (1.9 patched to support new-style Webform tokens).

Watchdog DBlog Exclude

This module adds settings allowing you to exclude specific types, severity levels and ip addresses from being logged to the database.
It does this by overriding the HOOK_watchdog function in the dblog module and implementing its own.
settings are with the other logging settings at: admin/config/development/logging


Ultimate Cron Rules


This project is for you if you want to programmatically run specific rules at a predefined time and / or interval. This is done by providing a new rules reaction event. When applied, the rule will be available as a new cron job for ultimate cron.

Using ultimate cron you can then set the desired time and or interval as usual.



Provides a form API element to add multiple items (like tag) to a form.



Main messaging window

MultiSpeak widget unlocks a full suite of communication options for you and your customers. For the first time, experience live video and audio alongside a robust chat system, all in one easy to use interface.


Demo Site

Allows users to create multi page site tours which can be used to show how site options can be used. The title and the text of the tooltip can be defined for each step. Also the position of those tooltips can be set where they will be displayed. There can be more than one tour on a single page.

The interface is inspired by the bootstrap_tour module - Thanks guys for the good work. Tours can be imported from bootstrap_tour as well.



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