Easy Social Email

Send this page by email

A tiny extension for Easy Social module to send the current node by email.

Login Domain

Forces all logged in users to be using a certain domain.


Put the following configuration into your site's settings.php. Do not add the 'http' or 'https' protocol to this variable.


Feeds Data

Feeds importer data processor


The Feeds Data module defines a feeds processor to import feeds into tables managed by the Data module. The base feeds processor (FeedsProcessor) assumes the target data is an entity which may not be true for Data tables. This module provides a custom feeds processor plugin to manage tables that:

  • Are not associated with a Drupal entity.
  • May have multiple, non-serial primary keys.


This module requires the following modules:

Apachesolr purge content(s)


This module allows an interface to remove the Apachesolr indexed content(s)/document(s) of selected bundle. Administrator/Developer can delete the particular entity id(s)

Why This
Developer can use this module as an example to remove the Apachesolr indexed content(s)/document(s).


Create and Translate

Create and translate main node

Create and translate is a module that adds a submit button on the node add form to create the node and go directly to the translation page.
On the creation of the node, the button will only show up when selecting a language.

You will save a lot of time creating nodes and their translations without clicking too much around.

There's a settings-form available where you can enable/disable this feature by content type.
There are permissions to enable the use of this feature by role.

Dependencies: Translation, Locale


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