This module allows admins to create twig filter in PHP directly in the administration interface.

How to use:

Step 1: Create Filter

  • go to /admin/config/system/twigfilter
  • create a new filter by clicking the "Add Twigfilter" button
  • name your filter and enter your filter code, save

Step 2: Use Filter

use your filter anywhere (template/views etc) like this:
{{ 'mytext'|twigfilter('my-filter-machinename') }}

Statuscake Push Monitoring

Implementing Statuscake push monitoring services.

Push monitoring is a service where Drupal is pinging statuscake. If statuscake is not gettting pings for a timeframe, you will get alerted. Helps developers to check if cron is running without logging into the Drupal site, and check status report.

To set the service up you need an account at


Domain Folder

The Domain Folder module allows the creation of domains with the same domain name using the Domain Access module (e.g. "", "").

Steps for using:

Social Sharing, Follow Bar & Share Buttons by

Social Sharing Buttons for Drupal

Social Sharing Buttons by

This freemium Drupal module is an all in one toolkit to help you grow your traffic, social shares, followers & conversions. With +15 different apps, we help you grow your website with sharing, following, tracking & engagement apps. Super easy to install, mostly no code required.

Migration Tools

This is a set of migration tools to make complex migrations achievable.


Nirror Logo

This module integrates your website with Nirror, the best customer support service available.

Nirror Live Support allows you to chat with your visitors and watch their screen in live.
Do not waste any more time trying to understand what process your customers went through before they asked for help. You just watch what happened in past visits and use this to forge a very precise answer your customer will love.


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