Open Graph Utility

A small module to act as a provider for Open Graph and Twitter card information. Developed as a service to allow other modules to pass a URI and a list of desired fields and receive the relevant tags.

Entity Tools

Have you ever thought about this?

// Returns an array of Nodes for a content type, using the current user language.
// Renders a teaser.
$service->getNodeView('1', 'teaser');

Ok, I want the same for terms, users, blocks, views! And btw, give me something for my links.


This module does nothing on its own, it provides helpers as Services to quickly implement common programming tasks like:

Monolog GELF

Handler to send messages to a Graylog2 server.

Enable via services.yml

# Add to parameters section:
    default: ['gelf']

# Add to services section:
    # Choose transportation method.
    class: Gelf\Transport\UdpTransport
    # Pass connection arguments.
    arguments: ['<host>', <port>, <chunk_size>]

Twig Vardumper

Provides a way to display Twig PHP variables in a pretty way.

Twig vardumper provides a better {{ dump() }} and {{ vardumper() }} function that can help you debug Twig variables.

Important Notification

Provide Global Notification for Admin Section.

The concept is to provide a tool that serves two notifications to Drupal users when they log into the site:

1. When the admin user first logs into Drupal.
2. As a notification on all Drupal admin pages.

Vet Booker Login

This is a small module that makes it possible for users to login to the Vet Booker client interaction portal for Veterinary Practices.

It provides a block, "Vetbooker Login: Login form" which you may position in your website using the standard Block tools.

This form contains a username and password field. Users can enter in their Vetbooker login details and on submission they will be logged into and redirected to the Vet Booker site, from where they can manage their appointments, etc.


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