Content Panels


This module provides developer the possibility of placing unexisting entity view modes in panels (and related) and create
those entities later without marking features as overriden. Keep in mind, the entity wouldn't be exported in panels config
but there's an internal mapping done between the content panel placed and the later created entity.


Handy Functions

Handy Functions is a set of handy functions created during personal Drupal development to avoid having to implement them again and again in every new site.



drush nocache

Many times during the development when you get the database from the production server to your local, dev or test environment you have to disable caches, CDN and probably something else.
You don't need to do it manually, there's now a drush command to do it all at once.

Why do not set it in $conf?



Toolbar Themes

Toolbar themes animation

Provides themes for the Drupal 8 Toolbar module. The main purpose of this module is to provide compact, minimal themes for the Toolbar and allow the site admin to show or hide tabs and icons.


Install like all other modules, then go to: ~/admin/config/toolbar-themes/settings



Display blocks based on cfr plugins and cfr plugin presets.


Entity Bundle API

Provides an API for managing entity bundles.


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