Image Preset View Mode

This module automatically creates a matching view mode on your file entity for each image style. That's really helpful if you use Media module with WYSIWYG, and you need to configure different view modes for all your image presets.

There is no UI, simply enable the module to cause the view modes to be created..


Twig tweak

Twig Tweak module provides a Twig extension with some useful functions and filters that can improve developer experience.


WYSIWYG CodeSnippet Languages

Extends WYSIWYG CodeSnippet to provide support for extra languages (from default highlighter, highlighter.js).

Courier SMS

Adds SMS sending functions to Courier via SMS Framework.


Horizontal tabs

Example create horizontal tabs element in form.


Integrates the Ace Editor with the WYSIWYG module.

Yes, I know. Ace isn't a WYSIWYG editor but the wysiwyg module provides a nice API for assigning editors to input formats.

Unlike the ace_editor module, wysiwyg_ace allows you to assign multiple Ace configurations to formatted text fields.


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