Concurrent users notification

This is a very simple module to keep record of concurrent logins counts, and also sent the notification mail if concurrent login count reached on critical level.

Steps for using this module

Your suggestions are most welcome.


Taxonomy Delete

A utility module which will delete all taxonomy terms in a vocabulary. Deleting taxonomies can be a very frustrating issue specially when there are a lot to delete for testing purposes.

The module provides an UI where you can select the Vocabulary from which the taxonomy has to be deleted. Additionally for developers there is a Drush command which will delete all taxonomy terms from a Vocabulary.

Slack chat

Slack chat module allows your visitors to send instant messages from your website to your Slack account. Your visitors can use an embedded chat widget on your site to chat with you, and you will receive their messages and respond to them in Slack.


Entity Type Composite

Provides the ability to create custom entity types that are composed of a set of common re-usable components.

Field Override

Field Override module.


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