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We are working hard to be covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module will allow you to login to Drupal with a custom user field and password instead of username and password.
So, you can create a mobile field and allow users to login with their mobile number along with their passwords instead of username and password.

Important Note: You should make sure this field is unique field.


Manage, lint and build CSS from Sass files.

Automatic Taxonomy Terms

This module is able to automatically create taxonomy terms for you when an entity, of any type, is being created.

Migrate orphans

This module provides a drush command to purge migrate elements that have been removed from source.

This code is inspired in the post: https://www.drupal.org/node/1416672

Open Graph Utility

A small module to act as a provider for Open Graph and Twitter card information. Developed as a service to allow other modules to pass a URI and a list of desired fields and receive the relevant tags.

Entity Tools

Have you ever thought about this?

// Returns an array of Nodes for a content type, using the current user language.
// Renders a teaser.
$service->getNodeView('1', 'teaser');

Ok, I want the same for terms, users, blocks, views! And btw, give me something for my links.


This module does nothing on its own, it provides helpers as Services to quickly implement common programming tasks like:


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