ASU Salesforce Query

Salesforce Query is a module that allows admins to define semi-arbitrary queries that may be submitted to a connected Salesforce instance. Once defined, a query may be called using a web service, or via an internal function call. Currently functioning query types include SELECT, CREATE, DELETE, UPDATE, and FIELDINFO (which returns Salesforce field definitions.)

Webform Email Input Filter

Webform Email Input Filter

This module enables the input filters on the email template text area.

It is best used in combination with MIME Mail and Mail System, otherwise you probably wont be able to send the email as HTML.


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This module add contextual classes and responsive classes to HTML body which can be very helpful to style differently on different context. Contextual classes like we have on Drupal 7.
It also add responsive classes on different window widths like:
cbody-layout-mobile, cbody-layout-narrow, cbody-layout-normal, cbody-layout-wide

Update Trigger Build Aegir

Extension of Update Trigger Build. Provides the platform name and site name as Jenkins build parameters.

Ensure that you add the following parameters to the Jenkins project otherwise the build won't run:

  • platform
  • site

If Update Trigger Build is extended with more CI Server types (Bamboo, Travis CI etc) then this module will be updated to pass the parameters to those servers.



sweetCaptcha is a fresh, friendly, action-based CAPTCHA service that’s easy for you to add to your website
and less frustrating for users to solve than difficult-to-decipher text-based CAPTCHA

Pathauto Regenerate

Ever need to completely regenerate paths per node type or vocabulary based on your pathauto settings and have redirects automatically created? If so, then this module's for you!

Usage is simple. Visit /admin/config/search/path/regenerate, select your desired node types and/or taxonomies, and click "Regenerate". Aliases will be updated and redirects created!

This project is sponsored by: Project Ricochet.


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