Config terms

The Config terms module adds a configuration entity version of Taxonomy.

These "config terms" contain a title, description, weight, parentage and are associated with a vocabulary, but unlike Taxonomy, they are configuration entities rather than content entities. This means that they can be managed by the configuration management system, but are not fieldable.

Maintenance Mode Redirect

Redirect site visitors to another URL when Maintenance Mode is enabled. This is useful when it is desired to host a static maintenance page on another hosting provider.

The module adds two additional fields to the Maintenance Mode configuration page (admin/config/development/maintenance). The checkbox is used to enable URL redirect when the site is in Maintenance Mode. The Redirect URL field should contain a URL to go to when the URL redirect is enabled.

Maintenance Mode configuration page


This module converts doc or docx to html data, the result will be stored in a content type field (chosen by administration site).
After this process the converted file will be deleted.

This module provide an interface to set:

  • Basic Settings
  • Import to Field

Basic Settings :

Administrative Messages


With the administrative messages adminstrative users form Drupal have a possibility that send messsages between registred users. Basicly by a administrative area, the user send a message to other user that will recive if has loged in or on the next login.

This is very efficient when you have a large number of users and this users have that send notes or messages each other. A examples of this is a site with a large number of content editors.

Read Confirmation

The Read Confirmation module adds a field which can be added to any entity which allows to collect data if a specific user has seen this entity.

Confirmation can be either automatically when viewed or manually by pressing a button.

Common use cases:

  • Announcements in Intranets
  • Provide users a view where all unread articles are shown

Feeds Entity

Leverages Entity API to provide new sources and targets for Feeds importers.


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