User Utils

A lightweight module that exposes a class that will automatically provision a user account AND log the new user in. This is useful for quick sign up forms. This is module is for module developers and does not contain any UI level configuration.

Currently this module is really just one member function of the UserUtils class:

$utils = new UserUtils();
$utils->provisionUser(array('email'=>$form_state['values']['email'], 'password'=>$form_state['values']['password']));

I have included a quick example of using this within the module.

Webform Capture+

Webform capture+


Provides Capture+ address finder integration to webform. Supports all 3 formats (Separate Search Field, Bound fields and Single line). Requires Capture+ key


WYSIWYG CodeSnippet

This module enables the CodeSnippet plugin from in your WYSIWYG. It includes the highlightjs library and all available styles for it. If you've ever wanted to drop code examples in your Drupal content and have it highlighted in a pretty format, this is for you.


WYSIWYG (dev version), Libraries API, and CKEditor library version 4.x+ are required.


Google Analytics YouTube

Tracking YouTube Player Events with Google Analytics.


Include the scripts in the body section of the HTML document, just before the tag. You’ll need to be running on a web server instead of opening the file directly in your browser. Flash and JS security restrictions will prevent the API from working when run locally.

Webform Insightly

This module enables the integration of insightly CRM with webforms. It creates a new contact for each webform entry and adds opportunities for every subsequent entry of the contact.

This is performed by mapping the webform fields with insightly fields; 'FIRST_NAME', 'LAST_NAME',

CUSTOMFIELDS can also be mapped using this module. Make sure that the field name exists in insightly for this to work. You need to add custom fields at System Settings > Custom Fields.



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