Ouibounce Exit Modal

Ouibounce: A small library enabling you to display a modal before a user leaves your website.

With this drupal module, you can embed any kind of block into the Ouibounce modal window.


Drupal Symfony Validator


"Drupal Symfony Validator" allows you to use the Symfony Validator component inside your Drupal projects. The module allows you to extend your forms with an extra parameter called #validators. This validator is designed to validate forms against constraints (i.e. rules). An overview of these constraints can be found on the official component page.

Sage DataStream XML API integration

SAGE settings admin page

1. About

API module able to create integration with the SAGE DataStream XML API (http://www.sageworld.com).

Drupal just displays products, categories etc and nothing is installed on the Drupal database from the SAGE database.

By default this module provides an admin page for several SAGE settings, some Drupal pages to display the data (see below) as also as a lot of functions to get data from the DataStream API the way you want.



This module provides integration of 2gis services with Drupal.


Auto Retina


Extends core image styles/effects by providing retina versions of any defined style, by simply adding @2x before the file extension, e.g. some-great-file@2x.png. The resulting image is double as wide as the width defined in the image style effect.



Occassionally you might need to SFTP data into remote server, for example after generating data feed etc.
This project brings phpseclib SFTP library into Drupal, provide configuration forms, with FCV SFTP, now you can handle SFTP with just PHP, there is no PHP FTP extension needed.

To start, you need to download phpsecclib from http://phpseclib.sourceforge.net/, put it under libraries folder, and rename the folder to phpseclib. For example: sites/all/libraries/phpseclib/


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