This simple module turns your website into a email gateway. This might be
useful if you have some other webservices/applications but wants all
messages sent from Drupal site. Another usecase could be if you have some
important mail hooks implemented and wants them to be applied for email
messages from other applications.

After module installation allowed clients would be able to send json-ed
email messages via POST request to the dedicated address - /mailspool/in .
Then Drupal perform usual routing for a received message.

Drush Delete All

This module provides the drush command to delete all the dummy contents through drush Command.

Currently it will work with the command,
drush delete-all article

How to use?

  1. Download and enable as like any other module
  2. Through terminal Go to 'Project root folder' and run the command drush cc drush
  3. Then run drush delete-all machine-name-of-content-type


Entity Jump Menu

Adds a jump menu to the toolbar that allows administrators to view the current page's entity and to quickly go to a different entity.


Entity Type Complex

Provides a custom complex entity type preset.

Migrate group settings

Migrate group settings page

This module allows you to modify migrate settings (database connection) of your migration groups (Migration module).

It solves the problem which happens once "Drupal-to-Drupal data migration" wizard is already executed: How do I alter database settings without losing migration mappers?




Quicktabs Remember

Quicktabs Remember

This will be used to remember user's last visited quicktab.
There is an option to remember logged in user's last tab on current quicktab whenever you create any quicktab.
Please select that and see whenever you revisit the page, it will remain on the last used tab.

It stores the information into the database, so you can revisit the page from any browser.


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