Syslog JSON

Simple module to log all the available information to syslog as a JSON object. In my use case, this is helpful as I run Drupal inside a Docker container, and then log all process logs to stdout, which is then picked up by a logging agent (e.g., Logentries) for storage offsite.

Advanced Duplicate Role

Duplicate/copy an existing role permission to new role by copying all permission from views, blocks, menus. Duplicate Role copies the roles but it doesn't copies and assigns permission to new role for views, blocks and menus. This module is the advanced version of this module.

Webform User Options

This module adds user list in webform select options field.
To use this module Webform Module must be installed.

Queue Unique

Did you ever wanted a queue that only accepts unique items? This module provides a way of doing that. If you try to insert a duplicated item in the queue, the item is ignored.


Google Wallet Objects

Provides some integration with the Google Wallet Objects API.

Provides an admin interface to input credentials. Provides hooks and form elements for displaying "Add to Google Wallet" buttons.

Requires Libraries and the google-api-php library from GitHub.

Example usage to generate a button:

Slack Update Notifier

Slack Update Notifier allows you to send custom messages to Slack whenever updates are available for Drupal Core. This is achieved by hooking into Drupal's main cron job.


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