Collector is an API for creating Collector items. Collector items are entities of a specific type with a selected API source - like a book with Google Books or Goodreads source.

The idea is to collect different kind of media items in entities - like books, DVDs, comic books, journals etc. using external APIs to collect the information about the entity. A journal could have issues attached to it and books different prints and languages etc.


A simple module that includes a settings page and one block that will connect to the Facebook API 2.x (tested with 2.0-2.7) and give you a themed feed of the posts on a specific page. This is meant to show a page feed and not a group or individual's feed. Though, those feeds would be relatively easy to add (patches welcome!)


Site Actions/Home Tab

SiteCommander is an interactive dashboard to manage and monitor your Drupal 8 site. It features a variety of shortcuts and visuals to help you quickly gauge things or perform routine tasks.

NOTE: While fully functional at this time, this module is still in development, and should be considered in a beta state.

SiteCommander features include:


FB PHP integration for Drupal 8.

Twig Clean Debug

Provides a filter for use in twig templates to clean away twig debugging output (mostly html comments describing template suggestions etc).

When in twig debug mode the html comments can interfere with development. This filter cleans away the suggestions using regex.


Must be used in conjunction with the |raw filter otherwise output will be double escaped, e.g.:

{{ content.field_image|clean_debug|raw }}



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