Fortytwo - Administration toolbar

This will be an additional module for styling and adding of functionality for the admin toolbar. Works great with Fortytwo - Administration theme


Ajax messages

This module stops messages ever being delivered as part of the initial request.

Instead it make an ajax call after the page has loaded to fetch the messages and display them.

This has two benefits:

1) The page is cacheable as no messages are polluting the HTML.
2) Messages never get lost in 404 requests


Transmission Client

Connects to a Transmission instance and manages the torrents in it, adding the missing user-management.

Slick Paragraphs

Slick Paragraphs

Provides integration between Slick Media and Paragraphs. Slick Paragraphs allows richer slideshow/carousel contents with a mix of text, image and video, and more complex slide components like nested sliders, or any relevant field type as slide components, and probably with a few extra fields before and or after the slideshow with the goodness of Paragraphs.

This provides a Slick Paragraphs formatter for the Paragraphs type.


File Encrypt

This is the D8+ version of the Encrypted Files project.


The file encrypt module allows you to encrypt files uploaded via Drupal using the Encrypt and Key modules. When encrypted files are requested, they will be decrypted automatically.


Drush Shrink Database

Extends Drush sql-sanitize with an option to shrink the database size by wiping older content.

It only supports Drupal 8 for now.


  • Wipe content in entity tables (base fields, fields and revisions).
  • Currently it provides hardcoded support for node and media entities.
  • More funcionality is planned. See the TODO list.




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